Sunday, 31 August 2014

# 50 Crabby in the house!

There's a crabby in the house! He always crab crab crab (cry cry cry) LOL even though he's already 6!  I wonder when will he stop....

Each kids will have their own character and attitude, so does their strength and weaknesses.  Crabby is very crabby but he is a very loving mouse!  My little mouse will always say these three things to me before he goes to sleep "mummy, remember to gargle "blue water" (oral rinse), exercise and pray to God".  As usual, before I go to sleep, I will brush my teeth, gargle with "blue water", do some exercise on the bed and pray to God.  However, sometimes I might forget to do those.. and he is my reminder every night, without fail.  Even at times I have to work late and told him to sleep first, he will then walked in to his room... Not long, he will walk out to the living room, and tell me these three important things.. isn't he cute and lovely!  

When he needed something, he will persuade for the things he wanted.  If your answer is NO, he will come back again few minutes later and beg you 'Please please mummy" with his hands in praying mode!  LOL  .. He is a boy full of determination, passion, persistency!   I only wish that he has a bit more patience :)

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