Tuesday, 17 May 2011

# 21 Cheesy mashed eggs with strawberries

Monday is always a rush day and so mashed eggs is the easiest and fastest breakfast you can do.  Just using the bear and penguin cutter and some small round cutters here you can have your cheese being cut nicely into cute bear and penguin.  I put a slice of seaweed just right below the cheese to contrast the color.  Some strawberries with lovely cats and dogs pick.  Lil' girl is going to have school holiday on May 17 and after that will be exam week.  Hope she do well in her exam.

My allergy on the right leg, ankle area which causes my leg to swell like a pig's leg has now subsided and no more itchy.  It was a tough time not to scratch it when it's sooooo itchy, you know? LOL  Well, I'm glad that God has arranged my trip to Singapore being postponed, else it'll be really bad for my leg then... as I'll need to walk a lot :)

Friday, 6 May 2011

# 20 Lovey cheese on mashed eggs

Today bento is just lovey cheese on top of mashed eggs with soya sauce.  The blue packet is Hello Panda biscuits bought from Shojikiya and fruits are just strawberries.  As you can see here my lil' girl looks so excited, cos the Hello Panda is her favourite!!  

She's currently having cough and last few days, she lost her voice.  Hopefully she'll recover soon. Hope my allergic leg will recover soon too :)  Pray that all are healthy and happy :)  That's da most important thing in life!

Thursday, 5 May 2011

# 19 Bearry cheese biscuits and crabby orange

This bento was done some time ago and just didn't manage to post it since I was quite busy. So this bento consists of Bear Bear cheese on biscuits where the eyes and nose are made of raisins and mouth is just from the cucumber :)  Fruits for today is Crabby Orange and some strawberries.  Salad is mine, where the orange is decorated like a mickey mouse and little egg mouse with lettuce, cucumbers and strawberries.

My sprained right ankle was wrapped for a week and now I'm having allergy.. so no mood to make such lovely bento for a while :(    It's sooooooooo so itchyy!!   yet having medication makes me having gastric pain ..oh what a month

Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Lovely Barbie

Thanks to Caren who helped me to buy this inexpensive lovely Barbie's tupperware for my lil' girl.  She love this so much.  Every now and then we are using it for her breakfast and also at her cooking class. Well, the cooking class has ended since it's quite tough for her where it's more suitable for adults :)  I do agree as I feel that it's more like for me rather than her LOL. 

I've been sick on April 30th evening, where I suddenly lost my voice and having green phelgm.  I feel cold and body aching.  The next day I went to see doctor and was confirmed having fever with cold and cough.  Maybe it's been raining cats and dogs everyday and I caught it without umbrella.  So I've been blurred for few days and till today, still a bit....