Monday, 28 April 2014

# 40 Will you get bored with this daily?

During the weekends, a lot of unforeseen things happened. I took the wrong house key and also the car broke down half way.  I was totally feeling and asking 'why?' everything seems not smooth as planned.  Aren't this miserable?  Well, how bumpy my day was, it was still a very good day for me. I was able to meet my best friend and spend some time to chat. 

So here's my happy moment with my little darling early in the morning. She asked me to make this egg mayo ala sushi for her everyday! I said with a smile 'you'll be bored if this is your daily breakfast!'

Saturday, 26 April 2014

Lovely day today!

Today is a lovely day!  Woke up early and pick up my eldest sister from the LRT station at Sri Petaling, Malaysia. yeah I'm back to Malaysia!! 

 Actually yesterday night, was very happy to be able to catchup with mom, 4th sis, 7th sis and my brother after I was back from Singapore.. and chatted till midnight!!  It is always fun to be able to spend time with them and hear from them things that happened. 

Today was also a relief day to hear from this important person, that I've scheduled to meet.  Completely feel good... feel comfortable... feel relief

Also meeting a fren, going to meet another fren too later..  so happy to be back!

Thank God for this arrangement :) 

Friday, 25 April 2014

# 39 Little minions

Little boy was having a party at the kindergarten and I made this for him to bring few months ago.  He was extremely happy then as he likes minions so much!!!

I used my Iphone to snap these.  Well, you can see am not a good photographer :)  My minions also doesn't look that fantastic,but the most important thing is, he's happy and he loved this so much.  Of course his classmates were so impressed to see this too!  Suddenly he became famous with this bento I did. LOL

# 38 Let's go little chicky! Chirp chirp chirp

Let's go little chicky!  yeahhh.. it's me calling my little ones to go go go with me.. go to school!  wake up early, have a happy good breakfast to start your day before heading to school.   Little darling said this is so lovely and cute :)    Every compliments she said, happy facial expression from her, just made my day!  This is the self satisfaction that I had as a mom.  

Knowing that I've to leave on Friday night to go back to Malaysia, little darling cried when we were on bed.  She doesn't like me to go anywhere without her.  She cried saying "Mummy, can you please promise me not to go anywhere without me, or else you don't go at all'  ..... I'll hug her tightly, seeing her crying and tell her 'I'm sorry darling, but I've to go and do something, and I'll be back on Sunday.. I'll be back very fast"  Somehow when daddy went off, she's fine! but not me .. LOL  She said "I love you very much!"     I love you too darling!  You are my precious darling.

Wednesday, 23 April 2014

A good colleague cum friend

Recently a colleague from India has noticed my Whatsapp status.  I thought nobody noticed that or even care on that. I was very mad that day.  I hope that 'someone' read it but that 'someone' didn't.. Nobody will ever read Whatsapp (WA) status.. except this colleague.  

He seems to have this habit to check out on WA status of his friends.  That's how he knew it and asked me what happened.  He even asked me to change the status then but I refused, telling him I hope that person will read it.  The next day, I still didn't change it.. till I feel okay to replace it.

From then onwards, we talked more. We are working for the same system and so we liaise with each other frequently. Nowadays, I will teach him some cantonese words like Pang Yau!  Chou san! and Joi Kin!  and this is used daily in our messaging now.  

I've been sharing with him what I did and /or thought of doing... he said "You have a wide range of interests PY (Pang Yau)... you are different "  I laughed.  Actually I like to dance to sweat out and want to learn some foreign language as I wish to travel to those places.  It's happier to do things that I like, focus on what I want to do in life....I do not wish to think too much and think too far.

"You keep yourself enthusiastic every time.. I like that attitude.  Time to get motivated from you!" he said. Well I told him, life is short and I just feel like wanting to do a lot of things .... He said "Am a bit lazy by nature... but do get very much motivated from you.  So I like to talk more with you". 

I replied "That's good hahaha.. life is short!'.  "I talk with my wife more.. then I think it's cause of you" he said. Communication is vital in every relationship.  Whether she's your girlfriend or wife, she would sure like to talk with you more, to understand you, to know what you've been through for the day, as she loves you, care about you, and wants to be your listener or the other way round.  

"I wanted to say this from long time...I don't really talk much. By nature, I am not a talkative person" he said.  I was surprised!  Oh then I gotta go down from the bus.. and last piece of advise "Kiss and hug your wife more!  He laughed and said "why that piece of advise? hahahah"  I replied "All wife need that! I'm just reminding you LOL".   "You are really a wonderful friend" he said. 

All these are chatted in Whatsapp when I was in the bus.  He caught me at the right time.  Working hours, not that free to chat.  I think he is a wonderful friend indeed.

Thank you for your caring, Pang Yau!  Am feeling blessed

# 37 Little elephant

Elephant elephant where have you been?  I'm just right here in the tupperware!  :) 

Little elephant was done on a weekend longgggggg time ago.  LOL 
I was prioritizing on my time then to do all the housework, my job, bento and taking care of my little darling alone then.

Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Friendship in Singapore

I told myself, I've to go to the office once a week, I really make it a point to go...
I would always date this colleague for lunch, if she's available.  She is someone that I can talk with personally.  I'm glad that I found someone whom I can really talk with about everything.  I've been sharing my real life story with her and she's been sharing her story too. Working from home can be a bit bored.  You don't get to see people and talk! I think I just like to dress up nicely with little high heels and enjoy the food around the office.  Yes, I like to look GREAT! :D  and talk talk talk talk

In life, at times we have to tolerate that someone ..... till one day, you found something suspicious or even concrete proof, it's really intolerable, it's really not what you want, you still have to stay calm. 

I hope what I've shared with her can give her some thoughts on her life.  It's always acceptance, forgiveness and forget... if there's LOVE! 

Monday, 21 April 2014

# 36 Come let me give you a hug! said Olaf

This morning breakfast was a simple yet fast-to-cook breakfast! It's honey baked ham with cheese and cucumber!  Decorations, as you can see, baby carrots, black olives, little red nose of tomato, the smiley ham!

This was an impromptu design! Just thought that I have lots of carrots, black olive and tomatoes for my salad and voilĂ  !  Isn't this happy!!!  

My darling was happy to see Olaf!  It really looks like giving her a hug in the early morning.  :D  When darling is happy, mommy is happy too! 

It's even happier when darling came back with a little 'Thumbs up' note that her teacher gave her!  It says "SQ, You always take the initiative to do things without being told.  Good Job!'

I'm so proud of her :) 

Friday, 18 April 2014

# 35 - I will always love you

I went to the office on Tuesday and told myself that I should go to the office at least once a week.  I feel that I am happier meeting colleagues and chit chat about everything!

I like to dress up, look nice, smell nice.. and walk in my high heel shoes! Anyway, it's not very high though.. LOL.  Since moving to Singapore, I've to walk a lot as I don't have a car.  So I can't be wearing a 3 inch high heels anymore!  What a sad thing!  :( 

I just gotta get used to it.. and I think somehow I got used to wearing flat shoes.  However, once a while I'll still dig in to those highhhh heels 

The best thing for today is.. I came back home and my two lil' angels offered a massage for me!  YES!, it's me .. so lucky man, rite?!  Lil' darling massaged my shoulder and lil' boy massaged my leg on the bed.  

No matter what happened, what they have been thru out there, I will always love them!  

Mummy will always protect you! LOVE YOU!

P/S Guess what? Darling asked "Mummy, can I have this type of cute breakfast every morning?"  :P  I'll try my best :D 

Thursday, 17 April 2014

No freedom! cried lil'darling

Last 2 days, while having our dinner, lil'boy was unhappy when he was asked to finish all his rice.  He complaint that he's too full and walk away from the dining table to switch on the TV.  Daddy was trying to encourage him to finish his meals first but lil'boy actually doesn't want to finish the vegetables! 

There comes lil'darling, trying to help to persuade her lil'brother too in finishing his bowl of rice.  Somehow, when daddy and I told lil'darling that it's all right (maybe we have said something not right here?) Out of sudden, lil'darling started to feel unhappy and said 'I'm just trying to help and am helping you guys!.. don't you see that? ' 

Daddy was trying to explain why we don't need her to intervene, but she burst into tears and cried.  "Why you always let brother choose his way? Why you always give in to brother and not me? I don't have freedom!.. You didn't give me the freedom!!"

Maybe we have forgotten about her intention, but thought of doing our way.. my way, that is to spoon feed the last few scoops, in a playful little manner when talking to lil'boy.  That is my usual trick to get him finish his rice.  However, lil'darling feels that we have given lil'boy too much 'freedom' in choosing what he wants to do.  We may have forgotten to respect her and support her in helping us to educate lil'boy.  She may wants to have the authority too and the leadership in guiding her brother.  This is also one of the freedom.. freedom to speak! freedom to lead!

Being a parent, is not easy.  Especially when you have more than 1 kid, you have to be even more sensitive to the 'fairness / equality' that they want from you.  She may be comparing her lil'brother who gets most of the freedom, whereas when she is not behaving well, we might say 'if you are not 'doing this' then you cannot go to your friend's house next time'.  We will not say this to lil'boy as he does not even go to any of his friends house since he's much younger.  

We may have imposed a stronger disciplinary rules or way of talking with her compare to lil'boy, knowing that she's already 9.  It's evidently true that lil'darling have been very mature all the while since young and we have treated her or may have expected her to behave and act maturely.  We may have oversee that she is still a child that needs that special care in the words she said or do.  

I've to remember that she needs me to listen and respect and support her.  

Wednesday, 16 April 2014

# 34 Fast breakfast

Fast breakfast is what I need everyday early morning for a primary school girl .. and cheese is the easiest, fastest of all.  Of course the deco tooks a bit of time LOL .... This was done some time back. Just want to get it posted in my blog too.. :)

# 33 Kisses from the fish to the CAT!

I've encouraged someone to continue to write her blog and this actually reminded me.. myself that I should also continue that.   I should also do more on Arts & Crafts.. that is my passion.  I should spend more time with my kids rather than thinking too much.  I should also mind my own business (MYOB!) as I've been 'kepoh' for people's life.. that I feel guilty that I've said something wrong, or predicted something wrong that causes trouble.  Caring too much may not be good.  Thinking too much too.  

I just wish to see everyone at home happy eating dinner together and chat .... it's just so simple yet difficult to achieve at times.  I miss the time when we sit down and chat. 

Yes, I miss some surprises too in a corner of my house.. I longed for it

Today, I've started to do something for my lil darling to make her happier in the morning.  This morning, I did this peanut butter bread and a cup of Milo (her favourite) for her breakfast.  Yes Kisses from the fish to a CAT... I miss your kisses!  Even though the CAT eats the fish.. but fish still wants to kiss you! LOL

Monday, 14 April 2014

# 32 Breakfast at home

These are the breakfast done at home when I have the 'feeling' to do something cute and happy.... recently am not..... been quite emo after knowing someone.  Someone that affected my mood a lot.

These are all done for my little darling.  She is happy when I do bento for her

Friday, 11 April 2014

# 31 Bento Bento

French toast that my little darling like..with her favourite fruits.. apple :)

Egg Bread roll n fruits with enzyme drink ... another favourite breakfast of hers

Wednesday, 9 April 2014


Life is with a lot of ups and downs.... if you know my story, it seems to be stressful.  Well, you wouldn't want to know.   Everyone has their own story to tell. Sometimes little things may happen and make you mad about it.  Totally spoil your happy mood.  Of course, we always tell ourselves, we are in charge of our mood.. it's our choice!  Still.... suddenly you just cannot find any happy things that can cheer you up... you become emotional, sensitive, depressed

# 30 Fruits Satay

Little darling made this fruits satay for me.. she's such a darling.  This is a new container we bought for my little boy, whom we called him Di Di (means brother). 

Tuesday, 8 April 2014

# 29 Bento for bus ride

This was done for my little darling and Kwai G for them to eat in the bus.  They are travelling back to Malaysia then.  I miss them so much and do not wish for them to leave me then.

Saturday, 5 April 2014

# 28 Garden of Windmills

The Garden of Windmills is my little darling's favourite.  It was not for her, but when she saw this photo, she put this as my Iphone wall paper.   She said I must do this for her next time as this was done for my Kwai G.

Sandwich - Honey Glazed Ham, Lettuce, cucumber, cheese, onions, tomatoes, bbq sauce

Friday, 4 April 2014

#27 For my Kwai G

These are done some time ago. I still remember I woke up a bit early to do this for my Kwai G (my naughty pig in cantonese.. that is my husband LOL). Once a while its fun and fulfilling to do this creativity works on your food.  Especially for your love ones.  I just wanted to surprise him then.

Okay this is not a bento, but it's decorated very nicely! Isn't it?

Thursday, 3 April 2014

# 26 Long long time ago

I'm truly sincerely sorry for such a long hiatus.  Life has been very busy without parents and siblings in this new country.  I'm still trying to cope with managing my two lil'angels. However,  recently I just got a helper.  I hope with this, it helps to offload my workload a bit and I can then do some of the things I like to do.

I did this quite some time ago.. but it is just so nice to think about what I managed to do then.  I'm not sure if I have such motivation to do that now since I have to prioritize more on my health instead.

Two little mousee.... in the garden :)