Monday, 28 February 2011

# 3 Lovely Bento Fruits

After travelling to Singapore twice in 2 weeks time, I was exhausted, tired, lazy for a while.  The worst is my leg!! I felt that my leg has the most exercise that I've ever had for quite a long time...where I don't really remember when was the last that I had!  So I've only prepared Bento Fruits for my little girl since she wanted to bring her favourite Biogreen 5 Grain Nutrient Bars to her kindergarten. Give it a try, it's really nice, as I like it too.  Fruits Bento consists of strawberries, orange and little little corns on top of the orange as suggested and arranged by my girl. 

Well, not only this for her breakfast, she usually insist for a cup of DHA Organic Soya Milk Powder. She loves milk very much but out of sudden, she just can't take milk powder and so this is to replace her milk consumption.

Bento tools from Daiso

I was having a quick check at this Daiso store after a Saturday morning breakfast with my good friend and my 2 little angels or monsters? hahaha.  Due to time limitation, as my friend needs to check out from the hotel, I quickly take a look to check and grab some tools to start my bento.  Here I've got these at only RM5 each!! So what do you say?

I did not know that this is a flower shape instead of a love shape as shown on the picture. I should look at the pink purplish design. So am still new on this *x* 

Sunday, 27 February 2011

# 2 Breakfast bento for kinder CNY celebration

I was thinking what to prepare for my girl's kinder CNY celebration, that is healthy and they will enjoy it too.  So I came out with this little bread sushi and fruits salad!  It's an easy breakfast, but you need a little bit of time to prepare.  I prepare the bread at night first, where I pressed it with a wood dough roller till it looks compressed and thin slice. This time I try it with white bread, but it taste nicer if it's wholemeal bread.  Then the next morning, I'll just put a piece of seaweed and mashed hard boiled egg (with little soya sauce) onto the bread and wrap it using a bamboo sushi rolling mat.  As my girl loves zucchini, the other bread is with seaweed, a slice of cheese and zucchini inside.  Well, the fruits salad was the favourite breakfast for them, as they finished them all.  There's oranges, apples, bananas and strawberries and all are cut into bite size pieces.

For me, a healthy salad for the start of my day! Lettuce, zucchini, cherry tomatoes, oranges with roasted sesame dressing.  As for a simple lunch when I'm home alone, pancake with butter and honey with a sweet sweet corn is just nice!

Saturday, 19 February 2011

# 1 Breakfast bento

What is Bento? 
Extracted from Lia Chen's bentolicious blog- "Bento or also known as obento is originated from Japan.  Basically, bento is home packed lunch or lunch box. but like a lot of Japanese things, bentos are more artistic and aesthetically pleasing than typical American brown bags.  Bentos are becoming popular in many countries now. Many people talk about whether bento is an art or just lunch in a box?  For me, bento is a food art from tastes, textures and nutrition.  Preparing bento is fun; and food preparation has becoming more and more creative simply due to food choices and fun tools"
This is my very first bento, a simple breakfast for my 2 darling for Chinese New Year.  Front: Love shape wholemeal bread with peanut butter, cornflakes and love shape apples.  Back: Star shape wholemeal bread with cheese, cornflakes, oranges.  My 6 years old daughter love peanut butter and cheese whereas my little son love fruits the most :)  I enjoy looking at him eating fruits ...strawberries his favourite! grapes, bananas, papayas, oranges, watermelon, apples....


"Anyonghaseyo!!"  "Selamat datang" to my little blog :)   I'm so excited to create this blog as this will be my little diary for the food prepared for my 2 lil'angels. I'm not an expert in cooking, but I'll try my best to learn and improve myself in anyway I can. I hope to get more ideas from others who are expert in Bento and at the same time to learn and share mine too :) 

I fell in love with bento the moment I saw Lia Chen's bentolicious blog. I've posted her website at "Interesting Bento Sites'   It's really really lovely!!!  Check it out.

Having 2 lil'angels, age 6 & 3 who are choosy in food, it really makes me headache till I have to find ways to see how I can decorate the food to ensure they eat it.  So I will try my best for my lovely lil' darling. Wish me good luck :)