Thursday, 31 March 2011

New tools

I bought this while shopping with my best friend at Daiso.  My little girl was so excited when she saw it especially the rabbit, bird and penguin shape.  This was bought quite some time ago.. cos now I can't really walk and did not go to office.  I was walking to get my car after work on March 28, Monday, and suddenly I fell down as I couldn't see there's a step in front. I think my eyes are too big? LOL

So end up, I was having a pig's leg and limping to see a massager.. the next day, my Manager called me up to say, "please go and see Doctorrrr". I said "okkkkkkkieee" and I went to UH to have an xray.  Luckily it's all fine except torn ligaments.  Next Wednesday I need to go there again for physio.

It seems my good fren in KK also having the same sprain ankle and also on right leg!!!! What a coincident. Just wish all of us good luckkkkkk!!!!  Hope all of us recover soon ^v^

Wednesday, 23 March 2011

# 12 Sunshine day

Today my little girl wanted to have noodles and so I've wake up earlier to cook her this fried mee suah with eggs and starry starry cucumber.  The sunshine is from this orange, where it's decorated with again my hand peel corn LOL

Well, today is not really a very sunshine day and everyone also seems to be sick. So I hope this sunshine will brighten up our day.  Hope everyone will get well soon, include myself hahaha.  The skin on my girl's finger is still... peeling :(  and today she told me it's pain already and still having a sexy voice herself.  ^_^

Her daddy is away out of country since yesterday night and will be back maybe only tomorrow night.  Hope he's having a safe journey back. Hope my girl will be better tomorrow. God bless!

Tuesday, 22 March 2011

# 11 Swiss roll with corn & fruits


Little swiss roll with corn, where it was hand peeled one by one for my little girl. Fruits, there's orange and banana where it's cut into star shape and a prune.  This is a double deck bento box and so I've wrapped it like a present for her to bring to school.  All her classmates love this little 'present' LOL.

My girl are having allergy during the weekend.  Her hand's skin was peeling and we brought her to see the doctor to get some cream.  Doctor was saying  that she has a strong virus infection which is why she's having this problem and last week with rashes and swollen eyes.  It's not really on what she eat nor the medicine as she did not even take any antibiotics.  Doctor advised her not to use any soap to wash her hands but instead plain water and ensure that it's dry.  Hope her skin will be well soon.  I'm worried bout it... ^_^

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Monday, 21 March 2011

# 10 Lovey dovey eggs and apples

I was away for 3 days in Singapore and came back with a blank mind.  However I remember another bento lover advised me how to make this apple with the love shape.  Instead of cutting out the love shape, I punch in with the love cutter and peel the rest of the skin ^v^ The egg omelette are cut into love shape too and so that's why we have this lovey dovey name.

Well, we are all very blessed. I always feel that I'm always lucky. No matter what happen, there's always a reason for things to happen.  Something happened for a better tomorrow maybe.

Let's do our part in supporting Japan Bento4Japan via eBay auctions.

Sunday, 20 March 2011

My new toys

During last week's lunch time, I quickly went over to Daiso and grabbed these cute little bento box and sauce cup.  Aren't they cute? It's so lovely!  When my kids saw this, they are so happy and they like it so much. 

Unfortunately, my little girl fell sick last weekend. She has sorethroat and ended with fever.  The next day after taking medicine, her eyes were swollen and could be something that she took which makes her allergy.  However the swollen eyes slowly subside.  She was then having holiday in Bangi at my eldest sister's house.  She's having a lot of fun there and my sister took her to take train.  She experienced the 'sardine pack' LOL.. my sister asked her 'Have you experienced the "sardine pack" before? Later you'll experience it in the train'.. hahaha.

# 9 Mash egg with soya biscuits

Since I do not have any bread so I thought to use the soya biscuits for my girl's breakfast.  Last year onwards, she's a bit lactose intolerance.  I suspected is due to yoghurt.  So we have stopped all milk base food and then slowly investigate the milk base food that she took. It's quite expensive to find non milk base food.

In between the biscuits are mash egg and I've added her favourite star cornflakes.  The apple and bananas are cut into tree shape.  Salad is mine again LOL

Friday March 11, I was having mix feelings. ..happy and sad on my personal things.  Happy to receive a news but sad as I'll miss a lot of people around me.  I'll be moving on to another country soon.  When you thought there's still a long way to go, you may take things for granted.  When out of sudden, it happened and you need to go, ...just feel that .. am I dreaming? ..slowly the fear came out of me. I've been with my family all the while.  Have not thought of leaving them. However, I tell myself that I'll do my best ^v^

Sunday, 13 March 2011

# 8 Bug

Friday was the happiest weekday right? Somehow my mind was a bit blank.  So made this salad and fruits only.  Salad is a bug bug with hard boiled egg, sweet corn, apple, banana, coral lettuce. As for my girl, she likes to bring butter cookies and her Hello Panda.  Am trying to do a rabbit for her in this apple but doesn't really look like it LOL.. then with bananas for her fruits pack.

March 11, Friday was not a good day for Japan. The earthquake of 8.9-magnitude struck 373 kilometers (231) miles away at the city of Sendai. Strongest earthquake and tsunami in Japan.  Really a sad disaster #_#
Luckily my friends are safe there.  Hope everything is fine with them..buildings destroyed can be slowly build, but not life.  We are all very lucky to be alive. Pray for Japan

Thursday, 10 March 2011

# 7 Biscuits cookies & fruits

My little girl wants to have biscuits and cookies for her breakfast, so she went and dig into the tins and search for her favourites!  Salad is for me ^o^  I think you may have noticed it is almost in my everyday breakfast.

I've used the love shape cutter to trim the apples that I've sliced in round shape. The two in front was using a flower shape cutter. See below, it's so lovely

Wednesday, 9 March 2011

# 6 Peanut butter bread + fruits + salad

It's been a busy week for me and so I did not come out with anything except this simple bento which is quick to do.  It's peanut butter bread, where I just roll it so that it's easy to eat this way. Fruits are grapes (skin peeled off) and strawberries. As for the salad, it's mine :) I've got coral lettuce, cucumber, grapes and strawberries.  My favourite salad sauce is .... Deep Roasted Sesame dressing at Shojikiya. It's sooooo yummy!!!   Also this ハローパンダ - Hello Panda is my girl's favourite!! that you can get from Shojikiya too.

Well well, the most happiest things that happened recently is my little son has stopped having his pacifier!! It's just too easy that I can't believe it myself too. It happened like this...Last Saturday, March 5, he told us the pacifier was taken away by the cats and so there's no more.. well, we agreed with him and said all right, then we will go home without the pacifier. He's totally fine at night until the next day he did asked for it. However, we reminded him what he's told us that it's gone hahahha. Until today he's without pacifier!! Hurray!!

Sunday, 6 March 2011

Bento tools from 100yen

I was on my way to get my car last last weekend (sorry for the late update, as I was a little bit busy with my trip) and saw this shop nearby. Then I took a look at it.  It's this 100yen shop.  Well, these are what I've found and I've bought them!!  It's just so lovely and adorable and my girl just love the animal picks so much.  These are all sold at a reasonable price *v*

Wednesday, 2 March 2011

# 5 Sunday Breakfast

Simple Sunday breakfast before we go to Church and Sunday school.  Am using my new love shape cutter that has different size and also my cute little animals pick. When my girl saw this, she was like ' nice!! and pretty!! '  She just love the animal picks!  I've used ham and cheese with vege for the sandwich and sausage cut into cross to have some design.  Raisin is their favourite and so I've used it for the eyes and mouth

Then we have fruits: Strawberries & Grapes and again, my girl said this is just so lovely!!!  Am happy that they finished this :)

Tuesday, 1 March 2011

# 4 Lovely Star Pancake

Pancake is just yummy with butter and honey! My girl loves pancake and so Saturday morning breakfast was just pancakes with strawberries.  The only thing is my son do not fancy pancakes :(  and so he only ate all the strawberries. So after my girl is full, the leftover was all eaten by.. you know who?  hahaha