Tuesday, 26 April 2011

# 18 Garlic bread

The top bento is supposed to be bruschetta but I run out of time and so it is just a garlic bread then LOL. Both bento having strawberries and prune for the day. Since my camera was sent for repair, these was taken by hubby's handphone :)  

My lil' girl do not like garlic but when I mix it with the butter, she just love it.  However I have to cook the garlic till it's soft with some olive oil and butter.  Just to ensure she eats some garlic, it's worth to do this.

Work has been fine but I'm waiting for some news where I'm supposed to get it earlier..but it seems I didn't get any news yet!!!  What happened? Am I or am I not to ..........   ????  well I just have to wait still

# 17 Good Friday & Easter day!

Good Friday & Easter Day were not a holiday here but of course it is still celebrated :)  Last Friday, I did this cheese bunny on seaweed and mashed eggs. The rest are apples and strawberries.  Am happy that my lil' girl finished her portion :D

It's been a busy week and so am only able to post this tonight.  Hope everyone enjoy their Good Friday & Easter holiday!  I need to sleep now ..zzZZzzzZZZzzz

Saturday, 23 April 2011

# 16 Mashed egg with cucumber sushi bread

Mashed egg with cucumber sushi bread is my lil' girl's favourite or I should say anything with egg, she'll just love them.  Fruits are strawberries and dragonballs ..I mean dragonfruits but she doesn't like the taste of dragon fruits.

She has a bit of cough and also sound having flu.  So I was giving her pure cod liver oil - Seven Seas and honey. Hopefully it works well.  Now watching TLC while updating this.. :)  Seldom have such privilege to watch the channel I want.  Since everybody is out, except me and my kids, so this is the chance!!!

Tuesday, 12 April 2011

# 15 Bunny & Monster Orange with Mashed Potatoes

Today's breakfast for two lil' angels are mashed potatoes with lil' bunny & lil' monster orange.  The small cheese sandwiches were the creation from my little girl who is excited to use the new tools that I bought.

Mom is still away in Korea.  So I've got to take leave to take care of two lil' angels.  As usual, the lil' boy likes to watch Barney and now BARBIE tooooo!!! LOL since the sister always watch Barbie. 

Friday, 8 April 2011

# 14 Beary sandwich

Little beary sandwich with ham and cheese. 2 little prunes and oranges for my little girl. She was asking me, where is the ear??  LOL  I think I need to be well prepared before hand. 

She's having tuition nowadays.. can you imagine kinder also need tuitions? woww isn't that a bit too much and it's recommended by the teachers.  Sometimes it makes me think bout whether the kids nowadays really enjoy their childhood? or they are now competing with each other and who are those who make them compete? Maybe Malaysian are getting the symptom like Singaporean?  Or maybe nowadays you only have a kid or two and so you wish that they will be smarter and etc etc etc.....

Both of my little ones are doing fine this week except me.  I am still having a swollen ankle and I just went to see the Chinese Urut.  Well I hope it does cure this pain that I have for almost, going to be 2 weeks.  Just pray that my right leg will be fine soon and there's no need for MRI nor operation...which sounds scary!!

Mom is away till next Wednesday in Korea and I hope everything is fine there.  I just heard that the school have closed due to the fear of radioactive rain.  Sad to hear bout that and also bout Japan pouring the radiation water to the sea. :(


Tuesday, 5 April 2011

# 13 Bird in the mashed potatoes

Since I sprain my leg last week, I did not do much of bento for my girl.  My right leg is now slimmer, not so swollen so it looks slim a bit but still not as slim as the left leg LOL.  I can even see the blue black + red color (blood) on that right leg.  Tomorrow am taking leave for 3 days and going for physio at UH and checkup at DSH and finally visiting the dentist.. it's all scheduled in this 3 days, since mom is going for Korea trip!  So hope she enjoy her trip.. well, I'm sure she will.

Back to my bento, normally, for mash potatoes, I'll steam the potatoes for 30mins and then add in butter + milk + salt. So for this bento, my best friend was telling me to use cream cheese instead of milk and boil it instead of steam.  My girl love this very much.. well her favourite is potatoes!! especially french fries!!! With this mash potatoes, the 2 little container is with chicken gravy.  She ate it all in the car before she even reaches the kinder LOL.  The other bento is just half an orange and a prune.

I did try to have garlic mashed in her potatoes but she doesn't like it.. the reason is, she just don't like garlic! Below is the recipe I found somewhere that I've forgotten where it is from.. well, enjoy :)

Garlic Mashed Potatoes

1 lb potatoes (2 large)
2 cups skim milk / non fat / whole milk
2 large cloves garlic, chopped
1/2 teaspoon white pepper

Peel potatoes, cut in quarters.  Cook, covered, in a small amount of boiling water for 20 to 25mins or until tender.  Remove from heat. Drain and cover the pot.

In saucepan, over low heat, cook the garlic in milk until garlic is soft about 30mins.  Add milk-garlic mixture with white pepper to potatoes.  Mash the potatoes until smooth.