Thursday, 26 June 2014

# 47 Elephant in the forest

43 Likes on my facebook for this piece of art ... am so happy :)  This idea just came about when I was half awake early in the morning.  It really needs a 'little light bulb' and inspiration to do this .. LOL

Of course my little darling saw this and was smiling, asking me how I did the trees.. I told her to check out that I slot in the little greens into the carrots by cutting a line in the carrots.  She then said 'You are so smart'!  LOL

I actually wanted to cook noodles or rice bento for her, but she told me just simple breakfast of bread will do and that's what she prefers. So that's how this come about.

Watched this at night.. SL sent this to me
While watching this, I really feel so awesome about the full video.. the fun in diving, the admiration on the fishes, corals, sea creatures.. everytime I look at the photos or videos of underwater creatures.. I just feel so speechless.... no words can describe how I feel. Mesmerized .... that urge of seeing them is more.. ok I got poison by SL! LOL

Wednesday, 25 June 2014


I seldom watch Hong Kong Drama nowadays compare to when I was in Malaysia.  I only watched it when I was sick or else when I was travelling or back from holiday to relax.  Recently I've just finished watching this drama  熟男有惑

After watching this movie, I really like a few characters in the movie..
Solo, on what he did quietly on a lot of things that helped his friends around but he never ever want to reveal it or claim credit for it
Kay, on her stubbornness ..but is actually her determination and persistent in things she believed
Ming, live his life freely and stylishly!
Honey, on all the things that she can do... driving a bike, dive, rock climbing, driving a boat, ...
Totally admire this 王君馨  .. especially this dance!

Saw this nice photos from facebook today.... really admire both the photographer and the model too..

Galileo Show 完全拆解裸模倒奶的攝影創作

# 46 Live for Love 為愛而活

I've finally found the song I've heard at Semporna.  Thanks to SL..  It's 張韶涵 為愛而活

Especially like these words...

Reality against imagination, there is wound but no blood
How do you get through the soundless nights?

Evasion has no exit, but who dares to admit their guilt?
Courage is the only escape

I'm in control of my future
I believe in tomorrow

I had a great night yesterday talking out what's on my mind these few days... Yes, being guilty.. feeling guilty is really worst feeling of all.  Unwanted things that happened but as if you get all the 'credit', is no joke.  You never asked for it.... 

Chauvinist, I can't stand.  Those who really know me, knows me well that I'm in control of my life.. what I want to do, what I like to do.. I don't give it a damn on what people talk behind of me or trying to talk as if they are right when they are wrong!

It is not about 'not appreciating' but it is about 'feeling sincerely guilty'... How can you live life with guilt...It is taking away my peace ..... I have to tell myself, not to be affected by this.  This 'guilt' will haunt me... I need that peace...

Live for love.. is to live your life better and healthier for your love ones!   Whoever love you, wishes to see you happy, healthy, live longer.... more than anything else.

Everyone is in control of their own life and future.

Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Life is simple

Proverbs 3:5-6 
Trust in The Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways submit to Him, and He will make your paths straight. 

Yesterday, I pretended I was Honey and did something that I've never done before. Fixing the washrooms light for the first time. I feel great being like a guy, able to do this things myself .... Maybe one day I don't need a man at all lol 

Suddenly I found a photo of mine that resembles like Honey!! which was done quite some time ago ... I've already had this in my mind, I think... short hair cut, ride a bike, be freeeeeeeeeee to venture! vrrooomm vrooommmm!

Life is simple but human being makes it complicated....ya cos we are not God. The beauty of being on this stage, when you are up here and when  you look down, you will be stunned by the monumental amount of strengths you have gone through to conquer the problems below.... However going through all those experiences in your life... You should be able to know how to live your life ... Just be simple. 

I came across this and feel grateful for such an invention!  Gotta support this!

Monday, 23 June 2014

Things happened for a reason

I always believed .. things happened for a reason.  We need to hold on to our hope.. we need to hold on to our faith.  With hope and faith, we can be what we want to be in our life... It needs a bit of patience.  We are being tested for our life.  We just need to pass through the test...

Thursday, 19 June 2014

# 45 Lovie dovey breakfast

Little darling is going for a movie today with her school mates and she's very excited about it.  The movie is 'How to train your dragon 2'.   Breakfast is a must and so this lovie dovey home made burger is for her.  It's fried egg, cheese, cucumber with home made pork burger.  I've added spring onions, parsley, garlic salt, sesame oil, corn starch, pepper, cajun powder in the minced pork.   She always love to eat this home made burger and finished them all.  

I ride her to school in my two and a half years old pinky bicycle.  It's a drizzling day and we both put on our little rain coat.  Darling is a caring and observant girl.  When she saw my rain coat fell off from my head, she will help me to put it on.. when she saw my clothes were a bit exposed, she will help me to adjust it to make sure that I'm not too sexy :)  She kissed me good bye and happily said "I love you mummy" .. so sweeeeeet!

Last week was a hectic week, especially when I found that little darling have lice.  Doctor prescribed this 'Delice' herbal hair wash to get rid of lice and control nits infestation.  I spent my Thursday to help her to wash her hair and remove the eggs/nits with the fine toothed metal comb and also using my hands to remove them one by one.   After that is done, her hair needs to be washed with water added with vinegar.  I really hope this will not recur .... I really feel headache bout this kind of thing.  Yes, it does infect me toooooooo!  :(    No wonder I was having itchy scalp last week and I wonder why? Goshh.. headache isn't it? Especially I have such long hair.

Wednesday, 18 June 2014


Totally feeling furious, mad and irritated today!  Not everyone can understand me fully. Or I am not that easy to be understood! 

Well, if you want to do good deeds, by all means, do it from your heart sincerely!  'Accidentally' is not a word to be used again and again. I seriously hate that 'accidentally' word utter to me when it is not once but twice.  It shows how intentionally it was done and with a purpose.   It is just like, if you wanted to donate money, just do it quietly and not broadcasting it, especially to the one who benefited from it or even talked bout it to the beneficiary's friends.  You just want to claim credit for it and you just want to show how great you are or to impress that person! 

Sorry, you are totally wrong.  Beautiful things don't ask for attention!  A hero does not need to reveal his inner beauty! I don't need anyone to sacrifice for me!  I don't need that kind of 'pity me' kind of thing... It's totally a stupid thing to say or do!  Especially to GOD!

My life is mine! I've worked hard for my life!  I am still working hard for myself!  Not about any prayers in exchange for my life, excuse me!  It sounded ridiculously annoying when my life is in exchange.  I rather die then!  Instead of thinking God is working that way..... you are totally wrong! God will never want to take away our life! 

Your life belongs to your parents, the one who love you the most since young... have you ever thought of them.. what they really want from you.. is not sacrifice, is to love yourself.. take good care of yourself..  if you are not doing so, how can you take care and love others?

That feeling of 'owing' someone or worst when it's owing someone's life is just crazy!  What the hxxx !! Have you ever asked or use your brain to think, the other way round? I hate that 'owe your life' feelings! Totally offensive about this whole thing!

Can't you see the meaning of life? every life is destined and fated.... I do not need to be 'protected'! How much can you do? If it's destined to die, then it will.. no one can avoid, whether it's on the land or even in the open water.   It is such a silly thing to pay..  so to get protection? they might even think this 'girl' is protected by someone rich! OMG!!  Don't you realize that you are putting someone in danger!

At times, people may not realize that the best and the most suitable person is just beside them.  
I just feel tired.. just want to be Solo, live life 潇洒

The steps to life simplicity is to learn to ...Let go

# 44 Cutie face back in Singapore

We are back to Singapore! Little gal are so happy and couldn't wait to go for her movie tomorrow. 'How to train your dragon 2'. Did this cutie face for her this morning...simple but yet it made her smile happily. The fridge was totally empty without much I can use except eggs .... So this is it bread with egg and bread with kaya..

Monday, 16 June 2014

Painfully in love

Have you ever fall in love with someone's boyfriend or even someone's husband?

Was it wrong or was it right to fall in love with someone's man? Well, there's no right or wrong in loving someone.  Being a friend, I will understand that it is not easy for you to go through such relationship too when you are the third party. 

You have that butterfly feeling, wonderful feeling when falling in love. Everything looks so beautiful and you feel radiantly, attractively beautiful!  Everywhere you go, whatever you do .. he's on your mind, and you'll just smile without a reason when you thought of him.  Life feels so lovely and extremely happy in whatever you do.

Missing him was just a normal thing.  Kissing him passionately.. cuddle and hug him was something you longed for.... just a touch from him already makes your day so wonderfully happy ... for you long for him to be beside you.  Dating is an exciting event you looked forward.  How you wish he can always date you out. 

That was the beginning of a relationship... till you realise it is not just you and him.  You may slowly go back to reality.  You feel guilty, you feel sad, lonely, emptiness, depressed at times when he didn't care much or busy to even reply your message. You are uncertain if he is really serious about you or does he really love you and care about you. Jealousy may even erupt and your imagination about everything may even run wild. You explode without concrete reason or proof.  Unhappy and angry about it... You are actually hurting yourself!

You asked "Why?  why loving someone is so painful?"

Saturday, 14 June 2014

Hot day

Hot and furious day .... Why you wanna trigger it? Can't you be a bit more sensitive and do things with your heart? Tolerance with limits!

Bro bought me a drink... Green tea red bean no sugar from Chatime. Gotta cool down

Maybe I was wishing .... S to at least click 'like' to show my photo was seen and msg was read  .... Yes I need your support and care ... Where are you? ^~^

Fear not

All the brave look that I put on... All the braveness that I've went thru  ...Can't cover me everytime I went thru this. Every 3 or 6 months that I have to face. I thought I have worked hard .... But what I see seems not. Am scared!  Feeling scared and thinking the worst ...Tears linger on my eyes again.. Deep into my heart ....

'Don't think too much unnecessary' I thought. Till you confirm it or an advice given.  Fear not... Calm down

Monday, 9 June 2014

I'm away

It's school holiday again!  I'm happy when it's school holiday as I can travel back to Malaysia to be with my family and enjoy the yummy food! 

Last week was a hectic week for me when little darling fall sick having viral fever and then passed it on to the little brother.  I have sleepless nights as usual, being a very 'super worried' mom :)  Well, fever is never to be taken lightly. This is in my dictionary.  I'm glad they are well on the day we left Singapore.  Now they are enjoying their day playing with their cousins. 

Just yesterday, we visited the Farm in the City at Sri Kembangan.  Little boy love the rabbit very much and keep on feeding them with food.  Suddenly, he said 'I want to die already!!... it's so stinky smelly" LOL and he still wanted to feed them.  Aren't he cute? 

Today in the office, saw some colleagues and 2 male colleagues asked me 'How can you be younger and younger?'  LOL .. am I ?  I only know that I look darker and darker and thinner and thinner!  

SL shared this with me..I think all dive buddy are very keen still on all those dive video/places/photographs after the dive. I feel amazed on how they can hold their breath for so long and the braveness in them.. cool! 

Knowing that the 3 dive buddy are planning to go to Tioman coming Sept, shall I go?  I've got to get my dive buddy with me!  She has a bit of budget constraint.. but I hope she's able to go.  Even though our age gap is quite tremendously bigggg, but we do communicate and support each other quite often.. almost on a daily basis.  She's like a little sister to me :)

Sometimes what you wish for is different with what you get
SL would like to go to Tenggol Island, but well.. am not in the invite list.  I wouldn't want to ask also. To me, it's not bout the place .... it's bout spending time with them.

Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Stunning photos!

SL shared this yesterday..

 I shared this

seriously that's so beautiful!