Friday, 30 May 2014

# 43 Papercutting .. not on paper but seaweed

That day's breakfast was just egg mayo.  I'm trying to experiment with seaweed ala paper cutting! Doesn't look too good huh? and a sweet heart in the middle for my darling.  Seaweed is darling's favourite snack!  Hmm but this isn't interesting enough :(

Bubble Ring in the sea

After the OWC, we had fun dive on the 18th May.  I think we need more practice. So, I did 2 fun dive.  First dive was at Sea Venture, Mabul Island and another was at Kapalai Cleaning Station till Kapalai House Reef, Kapalai Island.  I enjoyed this fun dive more than the OWC, of course.  The Dive Master was enjoying playing in the sea too and expert in doing the below! Isn't that unique?

Bubble ring in the sea!

Photographed by someone
Evening was the time to leave and back to Semporna.  Time past very fast.. am missing it so much.  Three of us checked in to Sipadan Inn II at Semporna and went out dinner with the Dive Master.  They are fun to chat with .. of course they keep on teasing the 'landlady'!  :P   very bad!!!

Our brunch of the next day........... what else?  guess?

KFC again!!!!!!!! LOL   I do agree that KFC in Malaysia is yummier than Singapore!

I know I'll definitely miss this holiday.. but I feel very happy throughout the journey on the plane...there's no barrier there!  :P    am loving every moment of it! Wishing more to come

Thursday, 29 May 2014

Open Water Scuba Diving Course - May 13 to 19

My 2nd trip was not really a holiday but a serious course :) 

It was a long way to reach there too... from Singapore to Kuala Lumpur (KL) to Tawau, Sabah to Semporna and finally to Mabul Island :)   I felt weird when I was travelling from Singapore to KL as someone was acting like an acquaintance to me :(    well, seriously, I'm not used to these kind of treatment.  However I try to adapt and be quiet and read my book.  At times, I really wonder why......

I always like to dream of angels on the sea of clouds watching over us whenever I was on the plane.. but night view is different.  It was stunning with lots of colorful colors of the night. We reached the newly open airport KLIA2 at about 11pm. It's quite a long distance walk to the immigration counter, but after that, we got excited as it's a big shopping mall in the airport!!  We then headed to Starbucks and offloaded our bags on the comfy sofa.  I'm not a pig but I do need to sleep early and so for the first time, am doing this!  Sleeping there! :P  I can't imagine that I did that LOL  (that's not me!)

Little girl, Elaine reached on time to wake me up!  Elaine was someone that Kevin met online in a forum and who wanted to go for Open Water Diving too.  She's a young girl and brave enough to go for such adventure alone if we are not tagged along. She seems to be quiet and look cool without any smiles then.  KFC was our breakfast for the day.. yeahh! Someone couldn't wait to eat the yummy finger licking KFC! 

After arriving at Tawau, another 2 person joined in the private bus journey to Semporna.  It took us an hour to reach Semporna and to Big John Scuba Diving office. The rain was pouring half way of our journey and was still drizzling when we reached the office. Once we settled everything, we departed from the jetty to Mabul Island.  When we were cruising, I can see the crystal clear blue sea ... it's so beautiful.  Suddenly, we saw a big patch of rubbish floating at the sea! OMG what an eyesore... the sea was polluted!  It's sad to see such a scene.  I wish I can do something bout this... 

Throughout the one hour journey, I enjoyed very much the feeling of the breeze of wind blowing towards me.  I feel mesmerized to see the sea of clouds...some clouds resembles into an elephant opening his mouth, a bear who is sleeping with a big tummy and a little pig.. nothing can explained how I feel then.  Peace of mind.

Once we almost reached to the home stay, the view of the clouds and sea were indescribable.. it's awesomely breathtakingly beautiful!  Everyone was so eager to captured that scenery.. that most wonderful beautiful creations of God.  It's hard to tell where the sea ends and the sky begins.... stunning!  they are merged into one.  We can see a lot of star fish and seaweeds in the crystal clear blue water too.

(Suddenly I feel like going to the Heaven on Earth:  Bolivia's Uyuni salt flats at South America. Another spectacular place to see the sky and the ground emerged to one)

That evening assignment was none except at night, to watch the OWC video.  We decided to explore the kampung (village) together before night comes.  We can see the kids playing happily with the sand, playing kites, jumping here and there with the rubber idea what you called that? but I've played that before!  When night falls, you'll have free entertainment!  The locals will sit at the bridge, sang and played the guitar.

Actually am anxious about what we have to do the next day....scared, uncertainty, excited!  I sat down quietly on the wooden floor where the staircase down to the sea are.. looking up, admiring the starry sky,  feeling blessed ....such a romantic feeling then!  

First day of our challenge came!  After breakfast, we were briefed on the dive equipment and introduced to the BCDs (Buoyancy Control Device), cylinders, valves, Regulators  (first stage, second stage, Submersible Pressure Gauge-SPG, alternate air source), masks, snorkels, fins, weight systems.  Yeah we learn about common hand signals too!! so that we were able to communicate under the water :) It's fun LOL

Before each dive, we have to check this BWRAF - BCD, Weight, Releases, Air and Final Okay! before we jump!   I was so nervous as I'm afraid I can't remember everything.  I took a long time to even attached the low pressure inflator.. My right thumb was totally exhausted and everyone was already doing the rest. I told myself, NO! I have to be able to do that.. and I use my left thumb and pointer to push the low pressure inflator and yessss, I did it! 

There we go to our very first confined water dive at 5m deep.  Well, my heart was pumping fast but I told myself, breath in and out.  Remember, the most important thing is to breath and not hold your breath!  Ensure nobody was at the back of you before you jump backwards to the sea!  I was a bit panic to be pushed backwards to the sea. My very first time in the sea!!!!  I can't believe that am doing this! and at this age! LOL   yes, it needs a lot of courage, braveness, determination to do what you wanted. 

We did a few stunts in the water.  Breathing in and out through our second stage, clear a partially and fully flooded mask, the scariest part - took out our mask and wear it back and clear the water too!  I was like OMG?? what? so fast? I try to calm myself by breathing in and out slowly and steadily.  After all it's not that bad.  Another extreme stunt, was to remove the mask and swim for a distance and wear it back.  Wowwwwwww, can't imagine that.. we made it too!!! It's totally blurrrrr without the mask.. I can only see some colors of their dive suits.

We went to Paradise 1 again after the noon break and dive till 8m deep.  I was a bit surprised that we have to do that 'taking out mask' again! I've forgotten how to clear the water inside the mask :P  I was super panic then!  It took me quite some time and finally done!  Then we also did a few other stunts like recover our regulator hose from behind our shoulder, trying our hand signal to tell our buddy - out of air and need to breath using their alternate air source supply, etc.  Frankly, I do not really have the mood to see any thing then ... as I'm trying to be neutral in the sea, but I was almost always down to negative buoyancy.  We do saw some corals, sea turtles, fishes swimming around.. but I was not relaxed at all. 

I was relieved when we were back for dinner.. super relief, that I've gone through the most challenging part of the course, I thought.   The best moment of the day is getting to see the sky in the apps that someone was watching....  I feel extremely sweet and romantic at that moment... I melted!

Night came and we have to watch the video .. yes, feeling sleepy and exhausted for the day!  Once the music was played and songs were sang by the locals, I get into it again.. enjoying every moment of it.

Second day of our OWC!
Still feeling scared!  Extreme intense feeling.. my heart rate jump up! Trying to cool myself by singing in the boat.. "Let it go!... let it go!.. don't hold it back anymore!" to calm my heart beats, to sing my strength out! to comfort everyone on board who are feeling the same as me, especially Melody. She was with her boyfriend, Scott and she doesn't even know how to swim.  Don't you think that she's very very brave?

We went to Smart House Reef to dive till 12m deep, to Kapalai House Reef at Kapalai Island to dive till 16m deep and finally at Eel Garden to dive till 17.7m deep.  We did some training at the surface of the sea, eg. BCD removal, clear a snorkel of water without lifting our face from the water, exchange snorkel for regulator and vise versa, remove our weight belts, cramp removal on your buddy and yourself, tow a tired diver, etc.   Under the sea, we also did buoyancy control, disconnect low pressure hose, assume there's no air and take deep breath and 'Aaaaa' till you reach the top surface and orally inflate BCD, etc... The funny thing was, I always feel like swimming with my hands as if I'm in the pool...I have to remind myself, hands must not moved!  Fold your arms!  I was like racing under the water too.. flag my fin fast LOL!  It should be slow and steady... am so used to my weekly swimming challenge :P

At the end of this trip, the boat stopped about 300m away from our home stay and we have to swim with our snorkel and fin back home!  I feel nice swimming this way!  I can see hermit crab and star fish on my way home :)   Oh yeah, last thing was to float for 10mins on the surface of the sea.. I cant really float that long.  I was not relax.

Third day OWC
It's just exam day!!  However we did the 'you jump, I jump' stunt with the locals in the morning.  It's so fun..I've never done that before!  I did jump from this high, and also did many rounds at the lower stage.  I admired the way they jump and swim.. just like a fish! Very smooth and nice flow into the sea water.  To them, the sea was their land... as if they were just bracing walking through it. Life is just so simple yet happy.

Photographed by Kevin Su

Photographed by Kevin Su

After the exam, it's leisure time. Again we venture into the kampung! Walking longer distance to the Mabul Bungalow house and then to the other far end, Borneo Diver Resort. Snapping more photos around with the local kids.... and with the handsome locals (that we know) there too!  :)
Life is an adventure.. follow where your heart goes
 Kevin did a night dive that night with our diving instructor, John.  Elaine, as usual, like to whatsapp her friends.  I was sitting down at the 'jumping stage' enjoying my chat with a new friend, Lau that was there alone.  Listening to Lau's story was interesting.  We chatted for quite some time till the locals start to sing songs again.  I joined them in their singing and Elaine recorded the enjoyable event.  I really like to sing.. missing that very much! 

Night time we venture again into the kampung.. it's dark!  but that's where you can spot more stars!  Love to see the starry sky... and in the apps too.  Romantic night!

Photographed by Kevin Su

Superb underwater photograph

Just came back from my diving trip not long and so I'm very much addicted to those underwater creatures photographs.

I shared this page with my dive buddy today.. poisoning him/her with all the underwater creatures that are so beautiful!! 

SL shared this with me..  so wwow superb!  very nice shot! .... wish am the model! LOL   but I believe the model is not easy too, doing such stunt.....they are brave and terrific! Gosh, I got addicted to all these underwater photos.... The dive master told us that we can buy Canon G16 / G17 or else Olympus. SL said Olympus EP5 is roughly RM3k+ not inclusive of the underwater casing!  Expensive hobby! :P

Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Bajau people

From Wikipedia  "The Bajau also spelled as Badjau and also known as Sama or Samal, are a Moro indigenous ethnic group of Maritime Southeast Asia.  They live in a seaborne lifestyle, and use small wooden sailing vessels such as the perahu and vinta.  Bajau have sometimes been called the "Sea Gypsies"."

SL share this link with me today.....I watched it and wowwwwwwww!  one breath to 20m deep!  can't imagine how he can do that! So surprising to me... maybe it's not for them.  They have been living at the sea. They can even see clearly under the water.

Someone said he wishes to go to Palau.. which is more beautiful than Maldives. :)

# 42 Yummy burger

Back from holiday one after another, am sure you know how I feel?   yeah, please wake me up! LOL
Okay okay, am getting back slowly to cooking yummy breakfast already! I just posted in my other blog ( ) on what I cooked yesterday.  On top of cooking home made chicken nuggets, I also cooked porridge for little boy.  2 different breakfast for 2 little angels!  I didn't manage to take a photo of the porridge.. it's anchovies, dried scallops, dried oyster, minced pork and salty egg porridge.  Quite a lot of stuff right? :D  Trust me, it's super yummy this porridge! The funniest thing is .. the daddy put in the full cooked salty egg when I only use half a cup of rice for this porridge.  LOL !! It's superrrrrrrr salty. I've already cooked the salty egg and cut it into half so that he can scoop some to add in, but instead he scoop everything into the porridge! :P   He thinks this is egg and not salty egg? 

So today's breakfast ... taaaaaaaa daaaaaaaaaaaa...

Yummy burger on the plate, come and eat me before it's too late!  
It's fried egg, fried marinated pork (garlic salt, cajun powder, flour, pepper, soya sauce, sesame oil), cheese + cucumber.

Heyy.. little gal said yummilicious!  She hope I can cook this everyday!  Seems her sentence never changed when she likes her breakfast.  Well, I do feel happy....and kind of self satisfaction when she said it.. so I don't mind to hear that over and over again :)  Happiest mom ever!

Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Holiday at Kota Kinabalu - May 4 to 7

I was away for holiday twice this month!

yeahh my friend or even my sisters said "you just came back from Taiwan in March and now flying again and again?" Well, why not?   Anyway, one trip is planned, another was last minute added!

The first trip was from May 4 to 7 (Sunday to Wednesday) at Kota Kinabalu (KK), Sabah to meet my good friend, Maverick.  I wanted to go to Tip of Borneo and visit Kiulu River which is beautiful in the photos snapped by him. At the same time I wanted to see the orphanage home too at Kiulu River. Well, this was my 4th time visiting KK.

The scenery at KK was always so mesmerizing.. breathtaking.. relax and simple.  I enjoyed watching the sky at the Sutera Harbour.  Abundance of stars at the sky that makes me feel so blessed... such a heavenly view.  I still remember my cousin told me about stargazing.... but don't remember if we do any stargazing together or we did with his telescopes??   Maverick told me two of the stars name... I felt that I'm an idiot :P    LOL   as I've no idea about the stars.. 

Our usual breakfast was at Kuo Man Fish Paste Noodle Restaurant, the place where I fall in love with their noodles! Just yummilicious!
At Kokol hill, I can see the scenery of Mount KK cover partially by the sea of clouds at the bottom of the hill... looks like heaven is there!  It was so beautiful! On the way down, the sky was full of colors....such a lovely sunset!

I was given this special privilege to meet up and have dinner with Maverick's very good God brothers, David and Tay, and their wife, Agnes and Fong.   At first I was worried.  What should we talk?  It seems I worried unnecessarily.... they were friendly!  They were sharing about their own life stories.. very interesting, full of hardship, full of fun and laughter, very good advice about parenting on teenage kids too!

I always have that kind of feeling.. respect, admire and proud of those people whom go through hardship and be what they are now.  It's really inspiring.

I was also laughing, almost non stop, when Agnes talked about parenting on teenage kids.  "Well, you don't like his girlfriend, you also have to pretend you like her! Else you'll lose your son... You even have to buy her a gift as a gesture of welcoming her to your country, your home for the first meeting" said Agnes, describing how her friend talked to her on the phone.  It's very true.  In order to love your son, you need to respect his decision and try your best to be kind to his girlfriend, whether you like her or not  :)    Our topic of that night was very interesting.  We chatted until the restaurant closed!

Another day past, our journey continues to Kudat, Tanjung Simpang Mengayau and Tip of Borneo. It's a long drive, about three and a half hours, from KK city.  It gives us a lot of time to chat along the way to understand each other more, even though we've been friends for almost 20 years!

Trust me, it's a super hot day!  I was a burnt pig! :P  but I don't mind because I want to walk on the beach and capture you, Mr Sunshine!  Look at the beautiful sun that sparkles out in my picture.. Isn't that lovely!

At the Tip of Borneo, the view of the sunset was stunning!  The wind was breezing wildly as the waves pushes to the seashore.  It's where the South China Sea meets the Sulu Seas flowing from the east.  Sunset was gone not long.. I wish it can stay longer... wish I can stay longer in KK too!


Read a news about this 8 year old girl dies in her sleep. It's such a sad event that happened to the family.  At times, I thought, how as a parent are able to go through such ....

I know a lot of things are not within our control and we just have to accept and comfort ourselves.. it's fated.

You can be sad.. but you should not let it be too long... consider people who are around still and who love you. 

Monday, 12 May 2014

Poem from my friend to me :)

My friend was creative.. he did this poem for me!   Thank you dear Pang Yau!

My Dear Pang Yau Fennie
You're so funny
Can you spend on me a penny
So I can have a cake which is yummy

Sunday, 4 May 2014

# 41 Tic Tac Toe

Still remember this game that we always play when we were kids. So did this bento for little darling. She said its cute!

In any games we play, no matter you win or lose, it doesn't matter. What matter most is, we had fun. It's the process that you enjoyed, not the outcome. You may lose today, but you may win the next time or wise versa. So the important thing is be happy with any games you play. 

Happy weekends!

Saturday, 3 May 2014

Happy moments to be treasured

Every little happy moments encountered is my treasure.  I wished to write it down.....but spending time with people I care and love are more important than blogging.  Priority takes place.

A lot of happy moments and of course, I do have unhappy quiet time too.  Somehow, I choose to write happy moments mostly in my blog. I think I never write anything that's unhappy here, did I? :)   As I believed, happy memories are to be remembered and unhappy incidents, should be forgot!

Yesterday was Labour day and my housemates planned to go to Gardens by the Bay.  When little boy saw them going out, he stand in between the door, not letting the boy (whom little boy called Kor Kor - brother)  to go out with the girl (whom little boy called Jie Jie - sister).  Little boy said "Jie Jie cannot go out.. " ... "or else you stay here or else Jie Jie stay here". When Kor Kor carry him to go together, just to play with him, he started to be naughty and then cried.  I went over to carry him and told him to say bye bye to them both.  He cried and said "I love Jie jie and Kor Kor' .. and continue his cry.  I find him very funny.  Little boy always like this Jie Jie very much.  He always like to hold her hands, sit on her, hug her and play with her.  He will say "I want to marry Jie Jie!"   He's such a cute little boy.. but he's growing so fast.  I still miss his baby smell..  Every night he will asked me 'Have you gargle with the blue water (the oral rinse)?  when I was on the bed.  Next, he will said "exercise mommy"! Lol. I'll normally exercise on the bed, just lay down and legs up a few rounds. Got a big hugh thigh as my gal claimed! 

For us, we had a fun day yesterday. Full day of activities! We had 'buy and sell' play using real money. I was getting little boy to be ready for his primary one.  He needs to know how to use money to buy food. So you can see below are the things am selling LOL. When I said 80cents, he gave me 50cents and told me there's no 30cents :D  ( It's so cute ) I teached him to add both 20cents and 10cents.  After this was scrabble, then UNO, then arts time, then dinner, playground time and finally back home to complete our arts.. What a fulfilling day of spending quality time with my love ones. Hope you do as well.

Oh ya forgotten to mention, little boy helped to wash the dishes at noon. Little gal helped too at night. Aren't they lovely :)  Mommy love you both!!!