Sunday, 27 February 2011

# 2 Breakfast bento for kinder CNY celebration

I was thinking what to prepare for my girl's kinder CNY celebration, that is healthy and they will enjoy it too.  So I came out with this little bread sushi and fruits salad!  It's an easy breakfast, but you need a little bit of time to prepare.  I prepare the bread at night first, where I pressed it with a wood dough roller till it looks compressed and thin slice. This time I try it with white bread, but it taste nicer if it's wholemeal bread.  Then the next morning, I'll just put a piece of seaweed and mashed hard boiled egg (with little soya sauce) onto the bread and wrap it using a bamboo sushi rolling mat.  As my girl loves zucchini, the other bread is with seaweed, a slice of cheese and zucchini inside.  Well, the fruits salad was the favourite breakfast for them, as they finished them all.  There's oranges, apples, bananas and strawberries and all are cut into bite size pieces.

For me, a healthy salad for the start of my day! Lettuce, zucchini, cherry tomatoes, oranges with roasted sesame dressing.  As for a simple lunch when I'm home alone, pancake with butter and honey with a sweet sweet corn is just nice!


  1. Hey, the bread sushi is a real great idea, I will try this trick next time I make bento. Thanks for sharing :)!