Saturday, 19 February 2011


"Anyonghaseyo!!"  "Selamat datang" to my little blog :)   I'm so excited to create this blog as this will be my little diary for the food prepared for my 2 lil'angels. I'm not an expert in cooking, but I'll try my best to learn and improve myself in anyway I can. I hope to get more ideas from others who are expert in Bento and at the same time to learn and share mine too :) 

I fell in love with bento the moment I saw Lia Chen's bentolicious blog. I've posted her website at "Interesting Bento Sites'   It's really really lovely!!!  Check it out.

Having 2 lil'angels, age 6 & 3 who are choosy in food, it really makes me headache till I have to find ways to see how I can decorate the food to ensure they eat it.  So I will try my best for my lovely lil' darling. Wish me good luck :)


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