Monday, 28 February 2011

# 3 Lovely Bento Fruits

After travelling to Singapore twice in 2 weeks time, I was exhausted, tired, lazy for a while.  The worst is my leg!! I felt that my leg has the most exercise that I've ever had for quite a long time...where I don't really remember when was the last that I had!  So I've only prepared Bento Fruits for my little girl since she wanted to bring her favourite Biogreen 5 Grain Nutrient Bars to her kindergarten. Give it a try, it's really nice, as I like it too.  Fruits Bento consists of strawberries, orange and little little corns on top of the orange as suggested and arranged by my girl. 

Well, not only this for her breakfast, she usually insist for a cup of DHA Organic Soya Milk Powder. She loves milk very much but out of sudden, she just can't take milk powder and so this is to replace her milk consumption.


  1. I love your foodpicks..., very cute and the colours of the fruit is so refreshing...:D)!

    By the way, you asked me about the my badge, I don't have the code because I made the badge myself (so it's just a normal .jpg file), but if you want to grab it, you can just copy it. Then when you go to blogger, you have to go to 'add gadgget' and then 'add picture'. Hopefully this is not too confusing...!! But thanks for asking, I feel flattered :)!!

  2. Oh Thanks!! Yea fruits are colourful and makes the bento looks more interesting!
    Ok i'll try that out. Thanks :D

  3. Fruits are arranged so pretty! Healthy bento :)

  4. Thanks Lia Chen! still a lot to learn from all of you :)