Tuesday, 17 May 2011

# 21 Cheesy mashed eggs with strawberries

Monday is always a rush day and so mashed eggs is the easiest and fastest breakfast you can do.  Just using the bear and penguin cutter and some small round cutters here you can have your cheese being cut nicely into cute bear and penguin.  I put a slice of seaweed just right below the cheese to contrast the color.  Some strawberries with lovely cats and dogs pick.  Lil' girl is going to have school holiday on May 17 and after that will be exam week.  Hope she do well in her exam.

My allergy on the right leg, ankle area which causes my leg to swell like a pig's leg has now subsided and no more itchy.  It was a tough time not to scratch it when it's sooooo itchy, you know? LOL  Well, I'm glad that God has arranged my trip to Singapore being postponed, else it'll be really bad for my leg then... as I'll need to walk a lot :)

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