Friday, 6 May 2011

# 20 Lovey cheese on mashed eggs

Today bento is just lovey cheese on top of mashed eggs with soya sauce.  The blue packet is Hello Panda biscuits bought from Shojikiya and fruits are just strawberries.  As you can see here my lil' girl looks so excited, cos the Hello Panda is her favourite!!  

She's currently having cough and last few days, she lost her voice.  Hopefully she'll recover soon. Hope my allergic leg will recover soon too :)  Pray that all are healthy and happy :)  That's da most important thing in life!


  1. Your daughter seems to be very happy with her bento lunch despite being sick and what a cutie she is!:). I hope she'll get well soon :).

  2. Hi CG, haha yea kids are super energetic.. I hope I can be like them :) Thx dear for the well wishes. Have a great weekends