Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Lovely Barbie

Thanks to Caren who helped me to buy this inexpensive lovely Barbie's tupperware for my lil' girl.  She love this so much.  Every now and then we are using it for her breakfast and also at her cooking class. Well, the cooking class has ended since it's quite tough for her where it's more suitable for adults :)  I do agree as I feel that it's more like for me rather than her LOL. 

I've been sick on April 30th evening, where I suddenly lost my voice and having green phelgm.  I feel cold and body aching.  The next day I went to see doctor and was confirmed having fever with cold and cough.  Maybe it's been raining cats and dogs everyday and I caught it without umbrella.  So I've been blurred for few days and till today, still a bit....

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