Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Holiday at Kota Kinabalu - May 4 to 7

I was away for holiday twice this month!

yeahh my friend or even my sisters said "you just came back from Taiwan in March and now flying again and again?" Well, why not?   Anyway, one trip is planned, another was last minute added!

The first trip was from May 4 to 7 (Sunday to Wednesday) at Kota Kinabalu (KK), Sabah to meet my good friend, Maverick.  I wanted to go to Tip of Borneo and visit Kiulu River which is beautiful in the photos snapped by him. At the same time I wanted to see the orphanage home too at Kiulu River. Well, this was my 4th time visiting KK.

The scenery at KK was always so mesmerizing.. breathtaking.. relax and simple.  I enjoyed watching the sky at the Sutera Harbour.  Abundance of stars at the sky that makes me feel so blessed... such a heavenly view.  I still remember my cousin told me about stargazing.... but don't remember if we do any stargazing together or we did with his telescopes??   Maverick told me two of the stars name... I felt that I'm an idiot :P    LOL   as I've no idea about the stars.. 

Our usual breakfast was at Kuo Man Fish Paste Noodle Restaurant, the place where I fall in love with their noodles! Just yummilicious!
At Kokol hill, I can see the scenery of Mount KK cover partially by the sea of clouds at the bottom of the hill... looks like heaven is there!  It was so beautiful! On the way down, the sky was full of colors....such a lovely sunset!

I was given this special privilege to meet up and have dinner with Maverick's very good God brothers, David and Tay, and their wife, Agnes and Fong.   At first I was worried.  What should we talk?  It seems I worried unnecessarily.... they were friendly!  They were sharing about their own life stories.. very interesting, full of hardship, full of fun and laughter, very good advice about parenting on teenage kids too!

I always have that kind of feeling.. respect, admire and proud of those people whom go through hardship and be what they are now.  It's really inspiring.

I was also laughing, almost non stop, when Agnes talked about parenting on teenage kids.  "Well, you don't like his girlfriend, you also have to pretend you like her! Else you'll lose your son... You even have to buy her a gift as a gesture of welcoming her to your country, your home for the first meeting" said Agnes, describing how her friend talked to her on the phone.  It's very true.  In order to love your son, you need to respect his decision and try your best to be kind to his girlfriend, whether you like her or not  :)    Our topic of that night was very interesting.  We chatted until the restaurant closed!

Another day past, our journey continues to Kudat, Tanjung Simpang Mengayau and Tip of Borneo. It's a long drive, about three and a half hours, from KK city.  It gives us a lot of time to chat along the way to understand each other more, even though we've been friends for almost 20 years!

Trust me, it's a super hot day!  I was a burnt pig! :P  but I don't mind because I want to walk on the beach and capture you, Mr Sunshine!  Look at the beautiful sun that sparkles out in my picture.. Isn't that lovely!

At the Tip of Borneo, the view of the sunset was stunning!  The wind was breezing wildly as the waves pushes to the seashore.  It's where the South China Sea meets the Sulu Seas flowing from the east.  Sunset was gone not long.. I wish it can stay longer... wish I can stay longer in KK too!

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