Wednesday, 28 May 2014

# 42 Yummy burger

Back from holiday one after another, am sure you know how I feel?   yeah, please wake me up! LOL
Okay okay, am getting back slowly to cooking yummy breakfast already! I just posted in my other blog ( ) on what I cooked yesterday.  On top of cooking home made chicken nuggets, I also cooked porridge for little boy.  2 different breakfast for 2 little angels!  I didn't manage to take a photo of the porridge.. it's anchovies, dried scallops, dried oyster, minced pork and salty egg porridge.  Quite a lot of stuff right? :D  Trust me, it's super yummy this porridge! The funniest thing is .. the daddy put in the full cooked salty egg when I only use half a cup of rice for this porridge.  LOL !! It's superrrrrrrr salty. I've already cooked the salty egg and cut it into half so that he can scoop some to add in, but instead he scoop everything into the porridge! :P   He thinks this is egg and not salty egg? 

So today's breakfast ... taaaaaaaa daaaaaaaaaaaa...

Yummy burger on the plate, come and eat me before it's too late!  
It's fried egg, fried marinated pork (garlic salt, cajun powder, flour, pepper, soya sauce, sesame oil), cheese + cucumber.

Heyy.. little gal said yummilicious!  She hope I can cook this everyday!  Seems her sentence never changed when she likes her breakfast.  Well, I do feel happy....and kind of self satisfaction when she said it.. so I don't mind to hear that over and over again :)  Happiest mom ever!

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