Saturday, 3 May 2014

Happy moments to be treasured

Every little happy moments encountered is my treasure.  I wished to write it down.....but spending time with people I care and love are more important than blogging.  Priority takes place.

A lot of happy moments and of course, I do have unhappy quiet time too.  Somehow, I choose to write happy moments mostly in my blog. I think I never write anything that's unhappy here, did I? :)   As I believed, happy memories are to be remembered and unhappy incidents, should be forgot!

Yesterday was Labour day and my housemates planned to go to Gardens by the Bay.  When little boy saw them going out, he stand in between the door, not letting the boy (whom little boy called Kor Kor - brother)  to go out with the girl (whom little boy called Jie Jie - sister).  Little boy said "Jie Jie cannot go out.. " ... "or else you stay here or else Jie Jie stay here". When Kor Kor carry him to go together, just to play with him, he started to be naughty and then cried.  I went over to carry him and told him to say bye bye to them both.  He cried and said "I love Jie jie and Kor Kor' .. and continue his cry.  I find him very funny.  Little boy always like this Jie Jie very much.  He always like to hold her hands, sit on her, hug her and play with her.  He will say "I want to marry Jie Jie!"   He's such a cute little boy.. but he's growing so fast.  I still miss his baby smell..  Every night he will asked me 'Have you gargle with the blue water (the oral rinse)?  when I was on the bed.  Next, he will said "exercise mommy"! Lol. I'll normally exercise on the bed, just lay down and legs up a few rounds. Got a big hugh thigh as my gal claimed! 

For us, we had a fun day yesterday. Full day of activities! We had 'buy and sell' play using real money. I was getting little boy to be ready for his primary one.  He needs to know how to use money to buy food. So you can see below are the things am selling LOL. When I said 80cents, he gave me 50cents and told me there's no 30cents :D  ( It's so cute ) I teached him to add both 20cents and 10cents.  After this was scrabble, then UNO, then arts time, then dinner, playground time and finally back home to complete our arts.. What a fulfilling day of spending quality time with my love ones. Hope you do as well.

Oh ya forgotten to mention, little boy helped to wash the dishes at noon. Little gal helped too at night. Aren't they lovely :)  Mommy love you both!!! 

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