Tuesday, 26 April 2011

# 18 Garlic bread

The top bento is supposed to be bruschetta but I run out of time and so it is just a garlic bread then LOL. Both bento having strawberries and prune for the day. Since my camera was sent for repair, these was taken by hubby's handphone :)  

My lil' girl do not like garlic but when I mix it with the butter, she just love it.  However I have to cook the garlic till it's soft with some olive oil and butter.  Just to ensure she eats some garlic, it's worth to do this.

Work has been fine but I'm waiting for some news where I'm supposed to get it earlier..but it seems I didn't get any news yet!!!  What happened? Am I or am I not to ..........   ????  well I just have to wait still


  1. Yummy, I love garlic on anything :D The pics are really good for a camera phone! I would never have guessed!