Friday, 8 April 2011

# 14 Beary sandwich

Little beary sandwich with ham and cheese. 2 little prunes and oranges for my little girl. She was asking me, where is the ear??  LOL  I think I need to be well prepared before hand. 

She's having tuition nowadays.. can you imagine kinder also need tuitions? woww isn't that a bit too much and it's recommended by the teachers.  Sometimes it makes me think bout whether the kids nowadays really enjoy their childhood? or they are now competing with each other and who are those who make them compete? Maybe Malaysian are getting the symptom like Singaporean?  Or maybe nowadays you only have a kid or two and so you wish that they will be smarter and etc etc etc.....

Both of my little ones are doing fine this week except me.  I am still having a swollen ankle and I just went to see the Chinese Urut.  Well I hope it does cure this pain that I have for almost, going to be 2 weeks.  Just pray that my right leg will be fine soon and there's no need for MRI nor operation...which sounds scary!!

Mom is away till next Wednesday in Korea and I hope everything is fine there.  I just heard that the school have closed due to the fear of radioactive rain.  Sad to hear bout that and also bout Japan pouring the radiation water to the sea. :(


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