Saturday, 23 April 2011

# 16 Mashed egg with cucumber sushi bread

Mashed egg with cucumber sushi bread is my lil' girl's favourite or I should say anything with egg, she'll just love them.  Fruits are strawberries and dragonballs ..I mean dragonfruits but she doesn't like the taste of dragon fruits.

She has a bit of cough and also sound having flu.  So I was giving her pure cod liver oil - Seven Seas and honey. Hopefully it works well.  Now watching TLC while updating this.. :)  Seldom have such privilege to watch the channel I want.  Since everybody is out, except me and my kids, so this is the chance!!!


  1. I love egg sandwich too like your daughter :). I hope your little girl is going to get well soon. And I hope she has an Easter break too ?

  2. CG, great to hear from you. Yea she's getting better now but no Easter break. However she does have a fun weekend and a very happy Easter day at MFH - My Flower House doing some crafts. :)