Tuesday, 26 April 2011

# 17 Good Friday & Easter day!

Good Friday & Easter Day were not a holiday here but of course it is still celebrated :)  Last Friday, I did this cheese bunny on seaweed and mashed eggs. The rest are apples and strawberries.  Am happy that my lil' girl finished her portion :D

It's been a busy week and so am only able to post this tonight.  Hope everyone enjoy their Good Friday & Easter holiday!  I need to sleep now ..zzZZzzzZZZzzz


  1. I love the cheese bunnies and the bountiful amount of fruit. Looks so healthy :)!

  2. Thanks CG, Vit c is important for my lil' girl :) so I need to ensure she eats a lot of fruits. My bento is just very very simple and I need to look at yours more to learn. Yours are really so interesting, colorful and lovely. I hope I can have those bento likes yours :)