Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Friendship in Singapore

I told myself, I've to go to the office once a week, I really make it a point to go...
I would always date this colleague for lunch, if she's available.  She is someone that I can talk with personally.  I'm glad that I found someone whom I can really talk with about everything.  I've been sharing my real life story with her and she's been sharing her story too. Working from home can be a bit bored.  You don't get to see people and talk! I think I just like to dress up nicely with little high heels and enjoy the food around the office.  Yes, I like to look GREAT! :D  and talk talk talk talk

In life, at times we have to tolerate that someone ..... till one day, you found something suspicious or even concrete proof, it's really intolerable, it's really not what you want, you still have to stay calm. 

I hope what I've shared with her can give her some thoughts on her life.  It's always acceptance, forgiveness and forget... if there's LOVE! 


  1. The whole story really touch my heart, especially the last sentence..........it's always acceptance, forgiveness and forget...if there's LOVE!

    1. :) Love is the most important thing in a relationship. If there's none, then it's the end.