Wednesday, 23 April 2014

A good colleague cum friend

Recently a colleague from India has noticed my Whatsapp status.  I thought nobody noticed that or even care on that. I was very mad that day.  I hope that 'someone' read it but that 'someone' didn't.. Nobody will ever read Whatsapp (WA) status.. except this colleague.  

He seems to have this habit to check out on WA status of his friends.  That's how he knew it and asked me what happened.  He even asked me to change the status then but I refused, telling him I hope that person will read it.  The next day, I still didn't change it.. till I feel okay to replace it.

From then onwards, we talked more. We are working for the same system and so we liaise with each other frequently. Nowadays, I will teach him some cantonese words like Pang Yau!  Chou san! and Joi Kin!  and this is used daily in our messaging now.  

I've been sharing with him what I did and /or thought of doing... he said "You have a wide range of interests PY (Pang Yau)... you are different "  I laughed.  Actually I like to dance to sweat out and want to learn some foreign language as I wish to travel to those places.  It's happier to do things that I like, focus on what I want to do in life....I do not wish to think too much and think too far.

"You keep yourself enthusiastic every time.. I like that attitude.  Time to get motivated from you!" he said. Well I told him, life is short and I just feel like wanting to do a lot of things .... He said "Am a bit lazy by nature... but do get very much motivated from you.  So I like to talk more with you". 

I replied "That's good hahaha.. life is short!'.  "I talk with my wife more.. then I think it's cause of you" he said. Communication is vital in every relationship.  Whether she's your girlfriend or wife, she would sure like to talk with you more, to understand you, to know what you've been through for the day, as she loves you, care about you, and wants to be your listener or the other way round.  

"I wanted to say this from long time...I don't really talk much. By nature, I am not a talkative person" he said.  I was surprised!  Oh then I gotta go down from the bus.. and last piece of advise "Kiss and hug your wife more!  He laughed and said "why that piece of advise? hahahah"  I replied "All wife need that! I'm just reminding you LOL".   "You are really a wonderful friend" he said. 

All these are chatted in Whatsapp when I was in the bus.  He caught me at the right time.  Working hours, not that free to chat.  I think he is a wonderful friend indeed.

Thank you for your caring, Pang Yau!  Am feeling blessed

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