Friday, 25 April 2014

# 38 Let's go little chicky! Chirp chirp chirp

Let's go little chicky!  yeahhh.. it's me calling my little ones to go go go with me.. go to school!  wake up early, have a happy good breakfast to start your day before heading to school.   Little darling said this is so lovely and cute :)    Every compliments she said, happy facial expression from her, just made my day!  This is the self satisfaction that I had as a mom.  

Knowing that I've to leave on Friday night to go back to Malaysia, little darling cried when we were on bed.  She doesn't like me to go anywhere without her.  She cried saying "Mummy, can you please promise me not to go anywhere without me, or else you don't go at all'  ..... I'll hug her tightly, seeing her crying and tell her 'I'm sorry darling, but I've to go and do something, and I'll be back on Sunday.. I'll be back very fast"  Somehow when daddy went off, she's fine! but not me .. LOL  She said "I love you very much!"     I love you too darling!  You are my precious darling.

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