Friday, 18 April 2014

# 35 - I will always love you

I went to the office on Tuesday and told myself that I should go to the office at least once a week.  I feel that I am happier meeting colleagues and chit chat about everything!

I like to dress up, look nice, smell nice.. and walk in my high heel shoes! Anyway, it's not very high though.. LOL.  Since moving to Singapore, I've to walk a lot as I don't have a car.  So I can't be wearing a 3 inch high heels anymore!  What a sad thing!  :( 

I just gotta get used to it.. and I think somehow I got used to wearing flat shoes.  However, once a while I'll still dig in to those highhhh heels 

The best thing for today is.. I came back home and my two lil' angels offered a massage for me!  YES!, it's me .. so lucky man, rite?!  Lil' darling massaged my shoulder and lil' boy massaged my leg on the bed.  

No matter what happened, what they have been thru out there, I will always love them!  

Mummy will always protect you! LOVE YOU!

P/S Guess what? Darling asked "Mummy, can I have this type of cute breakfast every morning?"  :P  I'll try my best :D 

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