Wednesday, 16 April 2014

# 33 Kisses from the fish to the CAT!

I've encouraged someone to continue to write her blog and this actually reminded me.. myself that I should also continue that.   I should also do more on Arts & Crafts.. that is my passion.  I should spend more time with my kids rather than thinking too much.  I should also mind my own business (MYOB!) as I've been 'kepoh' for people's life.. that I feel guilty that I've said something wrong, or predicted something wrong that causes trouble.  Caring too much may not be good.  Thinking too much too.  

I just wish to see everyone at home happy eating dinner together and chat .... it's just so simple yet difficult to achieve at times.  I miss the time when we sit down and chat. 

Yes, I miss some surprises too in a corner of my house.. I longed for it

Today, I've started to do something for my lil darling to make her happier in the morning.  This morning, I did this peanut butter bread and a cup of Milo (her favourite) for her breakfast.  Yes Kisses from the fish to a CAT... I miss your kisses!  Even though the CAT eats the fish.. but fish still wants to kiss you! LOL

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