Monday, 21 April 2014

# 36 Come let me give you a hug! said Olaf

This morning breakfast was a simple yet fast-to-cook breakfast! It's honey baked ham with cheese and cucumber!  Decorations, as you can see, baby carrots, black olives, little red nose of tomato, the smiley ham!

This was an impromptu design! Just thought that I have lots of carrots, black olive and tomatoes for my salad and voil√† !  Isn't this happy!!!  

My darling was happy to see Olaf!  It really looks like giving her a hug in the early morning.  :D  When darling is happy, mommy is happy too! 

It's even happier when darling came back with a little 'Thumbs up' note that her teacher gave her!  It says "SQ, You always take the initiative to do things without being told.  Good Job!'

I'm so proud of her :) 

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