Thursday, 31 March 2011

New tools

I bought this while shopping with my best friend at Daiso.  My little girl was so excited when she saw it especially the rabbit, bird and penguin shape.  This was bought quite some time ago.. cos now I can't really walk and did not go to office.  I was walking to get my car after work on March 28, Monday, and suddenly I fell down as I couldn't see there's a step in front. I think my eyes are too big? LOL

So end up, I was having a pig's leg and limping to see a massager.. the next day, my Manager called me up to say, "please go and see Doctorrrr". I said "okkkkkkkieee" and I went to UH to have an xray.  Luckily it's all fine except torn ligaments.  Next Wednesday I need to go there again for physio.

It seems my good fren in KK also having the same sprain ankle and also on right leg!!!! What a coincident. Just wish all of us good luckkkkkk!!!!  Hope all of us recover soon ^v^


  1. I wish I could buy bento stuffs as easily here...!! I love those cute cookie cutters....!!

  2. HI CG, yea I can only find it in daiso and 100 yen and they are just lovely! I wish I can buy more hahaha. Having said so, I still couldnt find the face cutter :( I need to search for it

  3. I'm jealous coz you can get such cute stuff...I started collecting cookie cutters that I use mostly for cute sandwiches.

  4. oh haha you can always check it out at Daiso or 100 yen or any website. oh that's great! I love all cute cute cutters and of course, my girl too :)