Sunday, 13 March 2011

# 8 Bug

Friday was the happiest weekday right? Somehow my mind was a bit blank.  So made this salad and fruits only.  Salad is a bug bug with hard boiled egg, sweet corn, apple, banana, coral lettuce. As for my girl, she likes to bring butter cookies and her Hello Panda.  Am trying to do a rabbit for her in this apple but doesn't really look like it LOL.. then with bananas for her fruits pack.

March 11, Friday was not a good day for Japan. The earthquake of 8.9-magnitude struck 373 kilometers (231) miles away at the city of Sendai. Strongest earthquake and tsunami in Japan.  Really a sad disaster #_#
Luckily my friends are safe there.  Hope everything is fine with them..buildings destroyed can be slowly build, but not life.  We are all very lucky to be alive. Pray for Japan


  1. I feel very concerned as well about the situation in Japan...I hope they're coping well :(.

  2. yea hope so.. it'll take long to recover everything back to normal. Sad to see what is happening. Hope something good will come