Wednesday, 9 March 2011

# 6 Peanut butter bread + fruits + salad

It's been a busy week for me and so I did not come out with anything except this simple bento which is quick to do.  It's peanut butter bread, where I just roll it so that it's easy to eat this way. Fruits are grapes (skin peeled off) and strawberries. As for the salad, it's mine :) I've got coral lettuce, cucumber, grapes and strawberries.  My favourite salad sauce is .... Deep Roasted Sesame dressing at Shojikiya. It's sooooo yummy!!!   Also this ハローパンダ - Hello Panda is my girl's favourite!! that you can get from Shojikiya too.

Well well, the most happiest things that happened recently is my little son has stopped having his pacifier!! It's just too easy that I can't believe it myself too. It happened like this...Last Saturday, March 5, he told us the pacifier was taken away by the cats and so there's no more.. well, we agreed with him and said all right, then we will go home without the pacifier. He's totally fine at night until the next day he did asked for it. However, we reminded him what he's told us that it's gone hahahha. Until today he's without pacifier!! Hurray!!


  1. This bento looks very healthy Fennie, well done:). I am getting the habit to make a big bento at the weekend and eat it for both lunch and dinner, at least I don't have to cook twice ;).

  2. Thank q CG :) wowww big bento!! looking forward to your post then.