Wednesday, 2 March 2011

# 5 Sunday Breakfast

Simple Sunday breakfast before we go to Church and Sunday school.  Am using my new love shape cutter that has different size and also my cute little animals pick. When my girl saw this, she was like ' nice!! and pretty!! '  She just love the animal picks!  I've used ham and cheese with vege for the sandwich and sausage cut into cross to have some design.  Raisin is their favourite and so I've used it for the eyes and mouth

Then we have fruits: Strawberries & Grapes and again, my girl said this is just so lovely!!!  Am happy that they finished this :)


  1. I love your food pics...! I just bought some bento accessories before but they'll only arrive at the end of March because some products are out of stock:(. Hey, I think I even bought the same animal food picks as yours...:D)

  2. Thank you dear! really?? that's great! haha we have the same design then and u know the animal food picks looks really lovely and beautiful esp on the fruits.. i love it too and the flower picks, I put 2 grapes into one and my girl called it, BBQ (barbeque) grapes hahhaha :D

  3. Adorable breakfast! I would love the same on sunday morning ^_^.