Tuesday, 22 March 2011

# 11 Swiss roll with corn & fruits


Little swiss roll with corn, where it was hand peeled one by one for my little girl. Fruits, there's orange and banana where it's cut into star shape and a prune.  This is a double deck bento box and so I've wrapped it like a present for her to bring to school.  All her classmates love this little 'present' LOL.

My girl are having allergy during the weekend.  Her hand's skin was peeling and we brought her to see the doctor to get some cream.  Doctor was saying  that she has a strong virus infection which is why she's having this problem and last week with rashes and swollen eyes.  It's not really on what she eat nor the medicine as she did not even take any antibiotics.  Doctor advised her not to use any soap to wash her hands but instead plain water and ensure that it's dry.  Hope her skin will be well soon.  I'm worried bout it... ^_^

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  1. HI Fennie,
    There are frozen peeled corn pulp available in the supermarkets. less work.. :P

  2. haha yea i know that..just that i want FRESHH one hahah

  3. hahaha ehh i tot u r "24 hour mummy" too..home made bread somemore :) I'm trying to be as best I can