Sunday, 20 March 2011

My new toys

During last week's lunch time, I quickly went over to Daiso and grabbed these cute little bento box and sauce cup.  Aren't they cute? It's so lovely!  When my kids saw this, they are so happy and they like it so much. 

Unfortunately, my little girl fell sick last weekend. She has sorethroat and ended with fever.  The next day after taking medicine, her eyes were swollen and could be something that she took which makes her allergy.  However the swollen eyes slowly subside.  She was then having holiday in Bangi at my eldest sister's house.  She's having a lot of fun there and my sister took her to take train.  She experienced the 'sardine pack' LOL.. my sister asked her 'Have you experienced the "sardine pack" before? Later you'll experience it in the train'.. hahaha.

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