Sunday, 20 March 2011

# 9 Mash egg with soya biscuits

Since I do not have any bread so I thought to use the soya biscuits for my girl's breakfast.  Last year onwards, she's a bit lactose intolerance.  I suspected is due to yoghurt.  So we have stopped all milk base food and then slowly investigate the milk base food that she took. It's quite expensive to find non milk base food.

In between the biscuits are mash egg and I've added her favourite star cornflakes.  The apple and bananas are cut into tree shape.  Salad is mine again LOL

Friday March 11, I was having mix feelings. ..happy and sad on my personal things.  Happy to receive a news but sad as I'll miss a lot of people around me.  I'll be moving on to another country soon.  When you thought there's still a long way to go, you may take things for granted.  When out of sudden, it happened and you need to go, ...just feel that .. am I dreaming? ..slowly the fear came out of me. I've been with my family all the while.  Have not thought of leaving them. However, I tell myself that I'll do my best ^v^


  1. I love egg sandwiches, so I am sure I would love egg biscuits too :D). I am sorry to hear that you would have to move away, but I can only say that you would get used to it in the end...! Can't your family move with you?

  2. HI CG, haha yea my girl loves eggs + biscuits. Yea I think I just need time to adapt to the new environment. My kids will move only after I've settled down there and also provided that I'm okay there hahaha..