Wednesday, 23 March 2011

# 12 Sunshine day

Today my little girl wanted to have noodles and so I've wake up earlier to cook her this fried mee suah with eggs and starry starry cucumber.  The sunshine is from this orange, where it's decorated with again my hand peel corn LOL

Well, today is not really a very sunshine day and everyone also seems to be sick. So I hope this sunshine will brighten up our day.  Hope everyone will get well soon, include myself hahaha.  The skin on my girl's finger is still... peeling :(  and today she told me it's pain already and still having a sexy voice herself.  ^_^

Her daddy is away out of country since yesterday night and will be back maybe only tomorrow night.  Hope he's having a safe journey back. Hope my girl will be better tomorrow. God bless!

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