Monday, 9 June 2014

I'm away

It's school holiday again!  I'm happy when it's school holiday as I can travel back to Malaysia to be with my family and enjoy the yummy food! 

Last week was a hectic week for me when little darling fall sick having viral fever and then passed it on to the little brother.  I have sleepless nights as usual, being a very 'super worried' mom :)  Well, fever is never to be taken lightly. This is in my dictionary.  I'm glad they are well on the day we left Singapore.  Now they are enjoying their day playing with their cousins. 

Just yesterday, we visited the Farm in the City at Sri Kembangan.  Little boy love the rabbit very much and keep on feeding them with food.  Suddenly, he said 'I want to die already!!... it's so stinky smelly" LOL and he still wanted to feed them.  Aren't he cute? 

Today in the office, saw some colleagues and 2 male colleagues asked me 'How can you be younger and younger?'  LOL .. am I ?  I only know that I look darker and darker and thinner and thinner!  

SL shared this with me..I think all dive buddy are very keen still on all those dive video/places/photographs after the dive. I feel amazed on how they can hold their breath for so long and the braveness in them.. cool! 

Knowing that the 3 dive buddy are planning to go to Tioman coming Sept, shall I go?  I've got to get my dive buddy with me!  She has a bit of budget constraint.. but I hope she's able to go.  Even though our age gap is quite tremendously bigggg, but we do communicate and support each other quite often.. almost on a daily basis.  She's like a little sister to me :)

Sometimes what you wish for is different with what you get
SL would like to go to Tenggol Island, but well.. am not in the invite list.  I wouldn't want to ask also. To me, it's not bout the place .... it's bout spending time with them.

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