Wednesday, 25 June 2014


I seldom watch Hong Kong Drama nowadays compare to when I was in Malaysia.  I only watched it when I was sick or else when I was travelling or back from holiday to relax.  Recently I've just finished watching this drama  熟男有惑

After watching this movie, I really like a few characters in the movie..
Solo, on what he did quietly on a lot of things that helped his friends around but he never ever want to reveal it or claim credit for it
Kay, on her stubbornness ..but is actually her determination and persistent in things she believed
Ming, live his life freely and stylishly!
Honey, on all the things that she can do... driving a bike, dive, rock climbing, driving a boat, ...
Totally admire this 王君馨  .. especially this dance!

Saw this nice photos from facebook today.... really admire both the photographer and the model too..

Galileo Show 完全拆解裸模倒奶的攝影創作

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