Thursday, 26 June 2014

# 47 Elephant in the forest

43 Likes on my facebook for this piece of art ... am so happy :)  This idea just came about when I was half awake early in the morning.  It really needs a 'little light bulb' and inspiration to do this .. LOL

Of course my little darling saw this and was smiling, asking me how I did the trees.. I told her to check out that I slot in the little greens into the carrots by cutting a line in the carrots.  She then said 'You are so smart'!  LOL

I actually wanted to cook noodles or rice bento for her, but she told me just simple breakfast of bread will do and that's what she prefers. So that's how this come about.

Watched this at night.. SL sent this to me
While watching this, I really feel so awesome about the full video.. the fun in diving, the admiration on the fishes, corals, sea creatures.. everytime I look at the photos or videos of underwater creatures.. I just feel so speechless.... no words can describe how I feel. Mesmerized .... that urge of seeing them is more.. ok I got poison by SL! LOL

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