Wednesday, 25 June 2014

# 46 Live for Love 為愛而活

I've finally found the song I've heard at Semporna.  Thanks to SL..  It's 張韶涵 為愛而活

Especially like these words...

Reality against imagination, there is wound but no blood
How do you get through the soundless nights?

Evasion has no exit, but who dares to admit their guilt?
Courage is the only escape

I'm in control of my future
I believe in tomorrow

I had a great night yesterday talking out what's on my mind these few days... Yes, being guilty.. feeling guilty is really worst feeling of all.  Unwanted things that happened but as if you get all the 'credit', is no joke.  You never asked for it.... 

Chauvinist, I can't stand.  Those who really know me, knows me well that I'm in control of my life.. what I want to do, what I like to do.. I don't give it a damn on what people talk behind of me or trying to talk as if they are right when they are wrong!

It is not about 'not appreciating' but it is about 'feeling sincerely guilty'... How can you live life with guilt...It is taking away my peace ..... I have to tell myself, not to be affected by this.  This 'guilt' will haunt me... I need that peace...

Live for love.. is to live your life better and healthier for your love ones!   Whoever love you, wishes to see you happy, healthy, live longer.... more than anything else.

Everyone is in control of their own life and future.

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