Wednesday, 18 June 2014


Totally feeling furious, mad and irritated today!  Not everyone can understand me fully. Or I am not that easy to be understood! 

Well, if you want to do good deeds, by all means, do it from your heart sincerely!  'Accidentally' is not a word to be used again and again. I seriously hate that 'accidentally' word utter to me when it is not once but twice.  It shows how intentionally it was done and with a purpose.   It is just like, if you wanted to donate money, just do it quietly and not broadcasting it, especially to the one who benefited from it or even talked bout it to the beneficiary's friends.  You just want to claim credit for it and you just want to show how great you are or to impress that person! 

Sorry, you are totally wrong.  Beautiful things don't ask for attention!  A hero does not need to reveal his inner beauty! I don't need anyone to sacrifice for me!  I don't need that kind of 'pity me' kind of thing... It's totally a stupid thing to say or do!  Especially to GOD!

My life is mine! I've worked hard for my life!  I am still working hard for myself!  Not about any prayers in exchange for my life, excuse me!  It sounded ridiculously annoying when my life is in exchange.  I rather die then!  Instead of thinking God is working that way..... you are totally wrong! God will never want to take away our life! 

Your life belongs to your parents, the one who love you the most since young... have you ever thought of them.. what they really want from you.. is not sacrifice, is to love yourself.. take good care of yourself..  if you are not doing so, how can you take care and love others?

That feeling of 'owing' someone or worst when it's owing someone's life is just crazy!  What the hxxx !! Have you ever asked or use your brain to think, the other way round? I hate that 'owe your life' feelings! Totally offensive about this whole thing!

Can't you see the meaning of life? every life is destined and fated.... I do not need to be 'protected'! How much can you do? If it's destined to die, then it will.. no one can avoid, whether it's on the land or even in the open water.   It is such a silly thing to pay..  so to get protection? they might even think this 'girl' is protected by someone rich! OMG!!  Don't you realize that you are putting someone in danger!

At times, people may not realize that the best and the most suitable person is just beside them.  
I just feel tired.. just want to be Solo, live life 潇洒

The steps to life simplicity is to learn to ...Let go

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