Monday, 16 June 2014

Painfully in love

Have you ever fall in love with someone's boyfriend or even someone's husband?

Was it wrong or was it right to fall in love with someone's man? Well, there's no right or wrong in loving someone.  Being a friend, I will understand that it is not easy for you to go through such relationship too when you are the third party. 

You have that butterfly feeling, wonderful feeling when falling in love. Everything looks so beautiful and you feel radiantly, attractively beautiful!  Everywhere you go, whatever you do .. he's on your mind, and you'll just smile without a reason when you thought of him.  Life feels so lovely and extremely happy in whatever you do.

Missing him was just a normal thing.  Kissing him passionately.. cuddle and hug him was something you longed for.... just a touch from him already makes your day so wonderfully happy ... for you long for him to be beside you.  Dating is an exciting event you looked forward.  How you wish he can always date you out. 

That was the beginning of a relationship... till you realise it is not just you and him.  You may slowly go back to reality.  You feel guilty, you feel sad, lonely, emptiness, depressed at times when he didn't care much or busy to even reply your message. You are uncertain if he is really serious about you or does he really love you and care about you. Jealousy may even erupt and your imagination about everything may even run wild. You explode without concrete reason or proof.  Unhappy and angry about it... You are actually hurting yourself!

You asked "Why?  why loving someone is so painful?"

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