Thursday, 19 June 2014

# 45 Lovie dovey breakfast

Little darling is going for a movie today with her school mates and she's very excited about it.  The movie is 'How to train your dragon 2'.   Breakfast is a must and so this lovie dovey home made burger is for her.  It's fried egg, cheese, cucumber with home made pork burger.  I've added spring onions, parsley, garlic salt, sesame oil, corn starch, pepper, cajun powder in the minced pork.   She always love to eat this home made burger and finished them all.  

I ride her to school in my two and a half years old pinky bicycle.  It's a drizzling day and we both put on our little rain coat.  Darling is a caring and observant girl.  When she saw my rain coat fell off from my head, she will help me to put it on.. when she saw my clothes were a bit exposed, she will help me to adjust it to make sure that I'm not too sexy :)  She kissed me good bye and happily said "I love you mummy" .. so sweeeeeet!

Last week was a hectic week, especially when I found that little darling have lice.  Doctor prescribed this 'Delice' herbal hair wash to get rid of lice and control nits infestation.  I spent my Thursday to help her to wash her hair and remove the eggs/nits with the fine toothed metal comb and also using my hands to remove them one by one.   After that is done, her hair needs to be washed with water added with vinegar.  I really hope this will not recur .... I really feel headache bout this kind of thing.  Yes, it does infect me toooooooo!  :(    No wonder I was having itchy scalp last week and I wonder why? Goshh.. headache isn't it? Especially I have such long hair.

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